Spanish course ‘Business’: Start your internship perfectly prepared!

If you are looking for your perfect appearance on your first day at work or want to orientate yourself professionally in South America, this course specialised on Business Spanish is the perfect fit for you. You will not only learn business vocabulary but also gain knowledge about South American economics and the business environment in Argentina. With customised topics according to your needs and interests you will be perfectly prepared for your internship.

Ideal Preparation

Specific vocabulary
knowledge about Argentine businesses and economics.

Description of the Spanish Course ‘Business’

The Business Spanish Course focus on subjects relating to the business & labor market. They transmit specific knowledge about the daily work and business routine. The topics are adjusted to the different internship areas and provide future interns with subject-specific vocabulary. This course is especially designed for advanced students who want to get prepared for an internship in Argentina and it is  a very good continuation after having reached the intermediate level with one of the general intensive courses.

Quick Facts

Business Spanish: All you need to know!

Example Schedule Business Spanish (Group)

09:00 –
Spanish Part 1: Economic system in Argentina.Spanish Part 1: Stock market, Human resources.Spanish
Part 1: MERCOSUR: text understanding.
Part 1: Import/export, black market.
Spanish Part 1: Simulation: Job interview.

Hiking trip to the Sierras of Córdoba

10:30 –
10:45 –
Spanish Part 2: Search for the workplace.Spanish Part 2: Curriculum Vitae.Spanish
Part 2: SME versus Multinationals.
Part 2: Technical literature.
Spanish Part 2: Economic situation of Argentina.
15:00 –
Evening*Tango-LessonCultural WorkshopDrinking Mate with friendsMeet your argentine BuddyParty in Nueva Cordoba

* These activities are not included in the course price

All of our courses are oriented towards our students’ individual needs. The duration of the course depends on your previous language skills and your personal aim.
If you want the course to prepare you for travelling, you will be able to make yourself understood and communicate basic needs after a 2-week Intensive Course. After a 3- or 4-week Intensive Course, you will enjoy your travel even more because you will be able to chat with locals and get to know “their” South America.
In order to get prepared for an internship or volunteering in Argentina, the language requirements are obviously higher. In this case, our Spanish test will give you an idea of how many weeks will be necessary. On average, beginners achieve the required level for the internship accomplishing a 6 week “Intensive Course Plus”, while the necessary level for a volunteering is reached earlier; also those who already know some Spanish need obviously less time!
We extensively check every student’s level before forming groups. If you want a detailed and professional estimation of your Spanish level, just contact us!
Highly qualified teachers are essential to ensure fast advances in your Spanish course. NICE only cooperates with experienced teachers who have completed a university education and who are especially trained for teaching Spanish to foreigners.
If you choose the “Intensive Course Plus” you will enjoy having two teachers and even many conversations with locals. This way, we make sure that you won’t get too used to one person’s way of speaking.
Most teachers speak and understand English as well.
However, our courses are predominantly taught in Spanish. That way, the new language skills are acquired in the fastest, most durable and successful manner.
The South American Spanish differs slightly from the European Spanish. The courses teach vocabulary both from Spain as well as from South America and the grammatical differences will be indicated and explained. The focus of the course is naturally on the application of the Argentine Spanish. This way we make sure that you will be prepared to communicate with the locals in Argentina.
Group courses of any level start on Monday of each week. If you want to take private tutoring lessons or form a group with some friends you can start any day of the week. Classes will be held from Monday to Friday.
If you want to do a Spanish course, just fill in our online registration and we will get in contact with you, giving you all information you might need and supporting you with the inscription documents and travel preparation.
If you already know some Spanish you can then also fill in our Spanish Test. This way we can give feedback on your Spanish level and adapt the course perfectly to your skills.
No, because we work transparently and without any hidden costs. In the online registration you can simply indicate which services you wish and you will receive the corresponding invoices. All prices are published on our website; this is how you can easily add up the costs and calculate the total price of your individual package.
Additionally, you should take your flight and sufficient insurance protection into account. Low-priced insurance packages are offered for example at the student card ISIC. Tips on flights and flight booking you’ll find in our travel preparation guide.
Just like you are now, we once were students and we know this phenomenon! This is why we are keen to offer our high quality services for affordable prices. To achieve this, we use amongst others only a minimal percentage of our revenues on marketing.
Even when planning your stay we support you to find economical solutions to make your dream come true. This includes, for example, choosing your flight connection and the travel insurance. Also, you can apply for funding with our support.
  • Spanish evaluation test before the course.
  • Graphical and audiovisual teaching material, weekly test in order to optimize learning progress
  • Spanish course certificate
  • Snacks and drinks during the language course (tea, coffee, cookies, etc),
  • Class rooms all with air condition & heating and free Wifi at our Spanish school
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Detailed NICE Preparation Guide
  • NICE Manual “Tips For Your Stay”
  • Program “Spanish-English-Exchange”
  • Cultural and free time activities on site
  • Buddy-program with Argentines (if available)

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