Your internship and volunteer program abroad in South America
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If you are planning to take a break and looking for a volunteer program, an internship abroad, a compulsory internship for your studies or a gap year project after school, then NICE is the right place for you.

Here you will find high-quality programs in Argentina that suit you!
As local professionals in South America, we can meet your specific wishes! For instance,

…we organize a very special internship abroad within our Personal Fit Program.
…we offer great last-minute vacancies in Argentina for spontaneous participants.
…Spanish beginners can take our intensive courses on-site.
…we guarantee fair prices since you only choose what you need.

And thanks to our intensive and individual support, you can relax while we take care of the organization. Tell us what you are looking for and we will assist you with our experience and organizational talent!

Your internship abroad

Whether mandatory internship or Gap Year project, an internship abroad in South America is a unique experience with a lot of benefits:
You can discover a new world, improve your Spanish skills and gain valuable intercultural and professional skills for your future career!
For an unforgettable internship abroad experience, just inform us of your wishes. We will find the internship abroad that fits you best, organize your  stay, prepare you for your adventure and support you on-site. 

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Your voluntary service abroad

Do you need a timeout? A volunteer program abroad is always a very personal and unique adventure. You get involved in a volunteer project of your choice and you will be rewarded with recognition, friendships, new experiences and deep insights into the life of locals. Being able to help others is a fantastic feeling and always worth a journey!
We organize your volunteer project and your stay in South America according to your wishes.

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Learn Spanish in South America

The best way to learn a new language is to learn it where it’s actually spoken. You will be impressed by how quickly you improve your Spanish skills in South America when the language school comes along with living with locals. And best of all, it’s a lot of fun! Wheter you are a beginner or already have language skills, we have the language course that suits you best.

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NICE customer Stephan

“A friend and I decided to go to Argentina for an internship pretty spontaneously. The internship was exactly what we were looking for and our tasks were ambitious.“
Stephan, 10-week internship abroad: International Marketing

NICE customer Bianca

“Learning Spanish:
Mission completed!
I only had three weeks but in this short period, my Spanish teacher made a great job. The courses, the teachers and the concept were just AWESOME!”Bianca, 19 years, 3-week Intensive Course

NICE customer Joana

“I highly recommend NICE, because you feel immediately taken care of and they are very helpful regarding all questions and difficulties.
Furthermore, they support you to have a good start in working and living in Argentina.”Joana, 12-week internship: International Trade

Why Argentina?
If you travel to Argentina, you will encounter a variety of landscapes and a vastness that can only be found in a few countries worldwide. 3700 km lay between the southernmost and northernmost city of the country – enough space for all imaginable habitats: From tropical rainforests, cactus deserts and blue glistening glacier fields to the incredible vastness of the Pampa.
Hospitality and spontaneous conviviality – that’s what Argentina is famous for. So it’s not uncommon that an Argentine opens his doors, offers a traditional mate tea or invites you to a typical Argentine barbecue and a good wine. An environment in which one can meet locals easily and gain a deep insight into the Argentine way of life – especially during an internship or voluntary service.
Argentina offers everything South American countries are loved for.  This is augmented by an openness towards foreigners, a comparatively higher level of security, as well as comfort and less social discrepancies than in many other South American countries.
Typical of Argentina is the colorful mix of different cultures. Besides the indigenous influence, there are mainly people of Spanish and Italian origin. But also Germans, French, Irish, British, Poles, Greeks, Turks, and other cultures have found a new home in Argentina and shape the diversity of the country. It’s not without reason that Argentina has long been considered the most European country in South America.
All this makes Argentina an ideal country where you can get to know an exciting, new culture and rediscover yourself. Whether you want to learn Spanish, Tango or Salsa, try out the varied culinary offer or explore the landscapes by trekking: Argentina is a perfect choice for your internship or volunteer work abroad to be an unforgettable experience.
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