Internship abroad: administration of a musical school (BA-73) Possible as a gap year!

Your tasks during the internship in the administration of a musical school in Buenos Aires:

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Coordinate schedules for the events at year end
  • Enroll new students
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    Internship abroad: education for young people (CBA-11) Last minute is possible!

    During this internship in the NGO for youth education you will participate in the following areas: Area of education:

  • Assistance in the trainee programs of the volunteers and teachers
  • Area of entrepreneurial relationships and communication:
  • Get in touch with other institutions, volunteers and staff members
  • Mailings and the organisation of events
  • Assistance in the logistics of educational programs
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    Internship abroad: musically oriented school (CBA-128.2) Last minute or gap year are possible!

    During your internship in the school in Córdoba you will support the teachers in the following activities:

  • Accompanying the children in the daily activities
  • Assistance in the care and supervision of the children
  • Help the teachers in the classes and in music lessons
  • Support the employees of the school with the organization of trips and excursions
  • Administrative and organizational tasks
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    Volunteer work abroad in a child and youth welfare (CBA-150.2) Also possible as gap year offer!

    In the area of education and integration

  • Participation in workshops and events
  • Assistance in leisure activities
  • Home visits together with other volunteers
  • The volunteers will meet during the week to plan and prepare activities, events and workshop. These activities will be carried out on weekends. The volunteer can also participate in the area of project development. The field of work might be adapted to the profile of the particular intern and therefore is (depending on the establishment slightly to highly) variable.
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    internship abroad at a language school (CBA-126) also possible as last minute!

    Your responsibilities in this internship:

  • Giving individual and group lessons for youth and adults
  • The courses are either Standard, Intensive or subject specific
  • You can teach the students a lot about the German culture and help them to improve their language skills
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    Internship abroad in psychological rehabilitation (CBA-98) Also possible as last minute!

    • Observation of group therapies, as well as participating in these
    • Observation of the psycho educational meetings of the families
    • Observation and assistance in the rehabilitation workshops and recreational excursions
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    Internship abroad: special education (CBA-94) Also possible as last minute!

    In the internship you will be part of the therapy assistance in the center. You will support the teachers in various subjects such as languages, mathematics, social studies, etc. In addition, you will help with the organization and implementation of workshops, which are part of the daily activities of the center. The participation in the daily planning and supervision during the lunch break are also included in the tasks of your internship.

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