Internship abroad at a tour operator (CBA-114.2) Possible as a gap year!

Your tasks during your internship at the tour operator are: Tasks of a receptionist

  • Receiving calls and customer reception
  • Sales promotion
  • Area of Sales
  • Customer service and handling of customer inquiries
  • Administrative tasks
  • Supplier management
  • Designing and preparing of package tours
  • You will be introduced into your daily tasks and activities in the beginning. Next to that you can also do further activities according to your interests and preferences.
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    Internship abroad in tourism and marketing (CBA-158) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Create new strategies and entrepreneurial activities
  • Market analysis
  • Project work in Research and Development of tourism products
  • Organisation of trips and tours to Iguazú, Mendoza, Patagonia and to the North
  • The intern will be introduced to the range of products and packages and learn about different methods how to coordinate journeys up to 50 persons
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    Internship abroad at tour operator (CBA-114) Also possible as gap year!

    During your internship you will be mainly involved in the sales department. Your activities include tasks such as customer service, management and processing of requests. Likewise, you would be in contact with suppliers and help putting together package tours. This is particularly important as the tour operator has a close relationship with the suppliers in order to ensure the desired quality and to make sure that the external companies (hotels, airlines etc.) offer an optimal service. In the experienced team you could gather much information about the tourism sector and learn a lot about South America.

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