Business Spanish: Perfectly prepared for your internship

If you are looking for a perfect appearance on your first day at work or want to orientate yourself professionally in South America, this course specialized in Business Spanish is the perfect fit for you.
You will not only learn business vocabulary but also gain knowledge about South American economics and the business environment in Argentina. With customized topics according to your needs and interests, you will be perfectly prepared for your internship.

Ideal Preparation

Specific vocabulary
Learning about the Argentine business environment

Small groups or private lessons

Description of the Spanish Course ‘Business’

The Business Spanish Course is designed for advanced students, who want to expand their language skills in the areas of economics, labour market, and working life.
The course focuses on topics relating to the Argentine business and labour market and transmits specific knowledge with regard to the South American business world. In addition, the topics are adjusted to the different internship areas and provide future interns with subject-specific vocabulary.
Our Business Spanish Course allows you to achieve three goals at once: 1) Acquiring knowledge for a successful integration into the Spanish speaking labour market (e.g. letter of motivation), 2. Acquiring vocabulary regarding different areas of business administration and/or economics, 3. Developing the necessary skills for research work and presentations in the Spanish speaking business environment.

Quick Facts Business Spanish

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Business Spanish at a glance

Example Schedule Business Spanish (Group)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
09:00 –
Spanish Part 1: Economic system in Argentina. Spanish Part 1: Stock market, Human resources. Spanish
Part 1: MERCOSUR: text understanding.
Part 1: Import/export, black market.
Spanish Part 1: Simulation: Job interview.

Hiking trip to the Sierras of Córdoba*

10:30 –
Break Break Break Break Break
10:45 –
Spanish Part 2: Search for the workplace. Spanish Part 2: Curriculum Vitae. Spanish
Part 2: SME versus Multinationals.
Part 2: Technical literature.
Spanish Part 2: Economic situation in Argentina.
15:00 –
Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework
Evening* Tango-Lesson Cultural Workshop Drinking Mate with friends Meet your argentine Buddy Party in Nueva Cordoba

* These activities are not included in the course price

Business Spanish - Internship abroad in South America

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