Internship abroad: administration of a musical school (BA-73) Possible as a gap year!

Your tasks during the internship in the administration of a musical school in Buenos Aires:

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Coordinate schedules for the events at year end
  • Enroll new students
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    Volunteer work abroad in a musical school (BA-19) possible as a gap year!

    During the volunteering in a musical school in Buenos Aires you will participate in various projects which are carried out by the foundation:

  • Musical workshops in special education for children under 5 with neurological problems
  • Musical workshops for children and youth between 7 and 15 at a public school
  • Student programs with Musica Popular graduation
  • Participate in the organization of concerts
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    Internship abroad in a civil engineering office (BA-08) Last minute & gap year possible!

    Your task during the internship in a civil engineering office will be:

  • Participate in the current projects of the company
  • Utilization of design software and positioning software
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    Internship abroad in tourism and marketing (CBA-158) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Create new strategies and entrepreneurial activities
  • Market analysis
  • Project work in Research and Development of tourism products
  • Organisation of trips and tours to Iguazú, Mendoza, Patagonia and to the North
  • The intern will be introduced to the range of products and packages and learn about different methods how to coordinate journeys up to 50 persons
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    Internship abroad in an architectural firm (BA-55) Also possible as last minute!

    The internship will mainly deal with project planning and management of large construction sites. The intern will be involved as an assistant of the managing director in each project, which is run by the company. Current projects are, among other things, the construction of a health center (650m²), the restructuring and the expansion of another health center (650m²), as well as the construction of an exhibition center incl. an apartment hotel (12 floors, 3500m²). Furthermore, the construction of a residential is planned and will begin soon.

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