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Gap Year in South America: The project for high school graduates in Argentina

Work & Travel in America, that is what everyone is doing – do something different! Go to South America and sign up for our Gap Year Program in Argentina! This way you will gain working experience abroad and learn Spanish in no time. Live with local families to experience the Argentine way of living and apply in everyday life what you have learned during our Spanish lessons. Interested? Then choose an internship in one of 10 exciting areas. No matter whether you want to do an internship to try out something new and learn Spanish or realize a pre-study internship for university: Our Gap Year Internships in Argentina are perfectly geared to the needs of high school graduates.

Gap Year South America - Eva's experience with NICE

Internships suitable for high school graduates

There is no better time for an internship in another country than right after high school. Our Gap Year Program allows you to work in Argentine companies without any previous knowledge and to gain international working experience. Simply select your area of interest and apply! We will contact suitable companies and send you exciting internship offers.

Gap Year Quick Facts
Choose from 10 exciting areas and we will send you individual internship offers:

(pre-study internship)

Cultural Centre

Environmental Care

Health Care
 (pre-study internship)

Human Rights

Institutional Development

Marketing &

& Leisure


Social Work

Gap Year South America: All you need to know!

If you want to go abroad right after high school, you should ideally apply 5 to 6 months in advance. For last-minute applicants we introduced an express placement which allows you to apply for an internship at the latest 1-2 months before your departure to South America.
In the application form, you indicate all your areas of interest for your internship. You then send the form back to us along with your CV and a picture of you. As soon as we have received your start fee, we will translate your CV into Spanish and contact Argentine companies which offer internships in your desired area that do not require any previous knowledge. Once an institution offers a position matching your profile and your desired time period, we will forward this internship offer to you. This way, you can choose your favorite position out of different offers.
Depending on the type of placement you chose – standard or express placement – it will take a maximum of 6 or respectively 3 weeks until you receive your first internship offer.
Here you can find an overview of the whole procedure from your application to the arrival in South America.
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Within our Gap Year Program you also have the possibility to do a pre-study internship for your future studies. Pre-study internships are commonly required in area of healthcare and for some business studies. In case you would like to acknowledge your Gap Year in South America as a pre-study internship, we are happy to advise you.
In general, any formal requirements for the acknowledgement of an internship, i.e. issuing confirmations or a sufficient internship duration, can be fulfilled within our Gap Year Program.
In case there are additional highly specific requirements, i.e. the characteristics of the Argentine internship institution or the supervision during the internship, it is recommendable to switch to the Personal Fit Program.

With our internship packages or volunteering offers you do not have to take care of anything. We prepare you individually and advise you on flights, insurances, vaccinations, travel tips and anything else you need to know with regard to your adventure in South America. In Argentina, we will pick you up from the airport, you will learn Spanish in our intensive courses, do the internship you have been dreaming about and live together with warm-hearted Argentineans.
You can count on us: NICE is right on site with you. We are available, when you need us and help you to realize your dream of an internship in Latin America.
All the services included in our internship placement are listed here:

Money back guarantee:
If we cannot provide a suitable Gap Year in Argentina, we will refund 100% of the Start Fee. However, we can assure you that this is rarely the case.

The right offer for you:
Only if you decide to accept a Gap Year offer, we will charge the Organisation Costs.

If you are interested in doing your internship abroad in a particular area which is not listed here, you have the possibility to choose our Personal Fit Program. Usually, Personal Fit is chosen to find obligatory internship for students, but in exceptional cases it can also be used by high school graduates. Within this program, you can describe with your own words what your internship in Argentina should look like. The placement is then precisely geared to your specific wishes.

You can also find available internship positions, offers for volunteering and Gap Year projects for high school graduates in Argentina on our internship portal. As you will see, some vacancies are marked as “Gap Year”. Those internships and volunteering do not require any previous knowledge.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Argentina is Buenos Aires. Therefore it might be surprising that many participants choose Córdoba as internship location. The university city is the second largest city in Argentina. Its cityscape is characterized by a great number of students and there is a diverse cultural program offered every day. Due to its size, many places are located within walking distance. In addition, Córdoba is less anonymous than Buenos Aires, so that you will get to know people – Argentineans or other interns – in no time.
We, therefore, recommend Córdoba for participants who are going abroad for the first time. Our language school and headquarters are also located in Córdoba which enables us to ideally support you during your stay.

It is easy to go abroad after high school!
Choose a package or create your own:

Package 1

Short stay in Argentina 6 weeks

In Córdoba: 6 weeks
2 week intensive course
4 week social internship
Total: 750 Euro

Package 2

Internship in Buenos Aires 8 weeks

In Buenos Aires: 8 weeks
8 week internship
8 weeks accomodation
Total: 1420 Euro

Package 3

Spanish & work experience 10 weeks

In Córdoba: 10 weeks
4 week Intensive Course Plus
6 week internship
10 weeks accomodation
Reception service
Total: 1970 Euro

Package 4

Variety & experience 18 weeks

In Córdoba: 18 weeks
2 weeks Intensive Course Plus
6 week volunteering
10 week internship
18 weeks accomodation
Reception service
Total: 2440 Euro

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