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Your dream is to learn Spanish in South America? Then our Spanish Courses provide what you’re looking for!
Not only does Spanish sound beautiful, it is also one of the most important languages ​​in the world. No wonder that more and more people are eager to learn it. And where would it be easier to learn Spanish than directly in South America?!
All Spanish Courses are taught by native speakers in private lessons or in mini groups of 2-4 participants. Through that you can participate actively week by week and quickly achieve progress. We are proud that even beginners without any prior knowledge can easily start their internship or volunteering in Argentina within a few weeks! Learn Spanish in South America – discover a fascinating world!

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Learn Spanish with our NICE course concept

Spanisch lernen Südamerika - Unser Programm

With our specially developed course concept, you can efficiently learn Spanish or improve “in record time”. Compared to classical language schools, almost twice as much content is being taught and trained every week. This is challenging, but a necessary prerequisite to be able to successfully start your internship or volunteering  after just a few weeks.
The courses also include a Spanish-speaking environment. Therefore, it will be easy for you to immerse yourself in Argentine culture from the first day onwards and to master everyday life in your new “temporary home of choice”.

Our Spanish Courses

Our language school in Argentina offers numerous Spanish courses and during the span of a couple of weeks, those prepare you perfectly for your internship or volunteer service in South America. Whether single or in group – both are possible. You want something special? Then we have e.g. Specialized Spanish, Special Conversation-Training, Certificate Preparation or a Tango course for you! Curious?
Then find out which Spanish course suits you.

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Learn Spanish in Argentina

Why Argentina? Why South America?

Argentina is one of the most exciting countries in the world. You will be impressed by its incredible landscapes: an excursion to the Iguazú Waterfalls is just as impressive as the cultural contrast program in the metropolis of Buenos Aires. Likewise, you will be thrilled by the overwhelming hospitality of South Americans. Argentineans are very sociable and patient. You will quickly get to know the locals, apply your Spanish skills every day and rapidly make progress. In addition, the social differences in Argentina are smaller compared to the neighbouring countries. You will feel safe and comfortable even if you are travelling by yourself!

8 good reasons for choosing NICE and our Spanish Courses

We personally consult you regarding the choice of your course, the organization of your stay and the preparations for your travel to Latin America. From a great variety of courses, you can choose the course that best fits your needs. On-site, your progress will be determined by weekly tests and the composition of the group will be optimized regularly.

At NICE, you do not only take a language course but also learn a lot about Latin America and the culture of Argentina: You will learn Spanish vocabulary having a chat with Argentines, attend events, travel to different cities and countries.  You will dance tango, prepare empanadas or have an Argentine asado. Besides that, you will automatically apply your language skills and learn important new words for your stay in South America.

You have certainly experienced this during other language trips: You learn a lot in class, but in everyday life, you lack the right words. At NICE you can simply add a special module to your Intensive Course: Conversation-Training. In this module you will practice how to handle typical situations and simultaneously learn the appropriate vocabulary!

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers. They are trained academically and experienced in teaching Spanish for foreigners. In addition, all of our teachers speak English in order to guarantee a comfortable start.

Our classes are held in small groups of 2-4 participants. This enables an ideal integration and interaction within the class. Due to the small class size, you will progress rapidly.

We teach the Spanish language as spoken in Spain as well as in South America. However, we focus on South America and the practical relevance, making sure that you are well prepared for your internship or voluntary service within a few weeks.

Our language school is centrally located in the city of Córdoba. Enjoy our modern classrooms with multimedia equipment, air conditioning and heating. In addition, WLAN, as well as coffee and tea, are included in our free services.

As an Argentine foundation, we are dedicated to educational and cultural exchange in South America. We want our language courses to contribute to international communication. Therefore we make sure that our services and prices are affordable for as many people as possible.
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