Spanish Certificate: The perfect preparation

Do you already have good Spanish skills? In Argentina, you will be surrounded by the Spanish language 24/7 which is why you will expand your knowledge and speak even more fluently. Hence, you should make use of the opportunity to certify your Spanish level by the DELE or CELU test, both of which are internationally recognized Spanish certificates. An official Spanish certificate looks good on your CV and will come in handy for university or job applications.  In order to prepare you for the test of either the national Argentine or Spanish certificate, we offer to support you in the best way possible by means of our Certification Preparation Course!

Perfect Preparation

DELE and CELU have different approaches to evaluate Spanish levels. Thanks to the experience of our teachers, they know what is important in order to be perfectly prepared for the tests.

Description of the Certification Preparation Course

The DELE or CELU certificate preparation course serves the preparation for the respective language test.
DELE is the official Spanish certificate of Spain. This test focuses on grammar and the European Spanish vocabulary. If you opt for this language test, your teacher will put more emphasis on those aspects and practice them with you.
Alternatively, you can choose CELU, which is the official Spanish certificate in Argentina. This test mainly focuses on oral and written expression as well as text comprehension. During the certification preparation course, your teacher will help you to train and improve those skills.
Both exams for your Spanish certificate can be taken in Buenos Aires or Córdoba.

Quick Facts Certification Preparation
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