Spanish immersion program ‘Intensive Plus’: Learn Spanish within weeks and have fun!

With our ‘Intensive Course Plus’, you can learn Spanish in a very short time while exploring the Argentine culture and having a good time. The Spanish lessons in our language school and our academically trained teachers will provide you with the best and most rapid learning experience. During the conversation training, you will practice Spanish in typical real-life situations, communicating with Argentineans.
You will be surprised by how fast you will improve your language skills with our conversation training!

With Outdoor-Training

With our unique Outdoor-Training, you will dive into the Argentine culture and learn Spanish in a ‘real-life’ environment.
The most natural way to learn a language!

Description of the Spanish Course
Intensive Plus

The Intensive Plus Course is a perfect choice if you aim to make quick progress. The course consists of two modules: Grammar as well as conversation training.

During the theoretical lessons, you will improve your oral and written expression as well as your text- and listening comprehension. In addition, you will expand your vocabulary, bring your pronunciation to perfection and obtain grammatical proficiency.

The daily 55-minute conversation training allows you to apply your newly achieved Spanish skills right away and thereby get to know the diversity of the Argentine culture. At the end of your course, you will be able to communicate with and understand all Argentineans – not only your teachers.

Overview of your Intensive Course Plus

Quick Facts Intensive Plus

Find out what’s included in the price:


09:00 –
 Spanish Course Part 1Spanish Course Part 1Spanish Course Part 1Spanish Course Part 1Spanish Course Part 1

Trip to the mountains of Córdoba

10:30 –
10:45 –
Spanish Course Part 2Spanish Course Part 2Spanish Course Part 2Spanish Course Part 2Spanish Course Part 2
12:15 –
13:00 –
OT*: City tour in CórdobaHomeworkOT*: Course – Argentine cuisineHomeworkOT*: Buying fruits and vegetables at the market
14:30 –
HomeworkCT**: Argentine customsHomeworkCT**: Plans for the weekendHomework
Evening***Tango lessonCultural workshopDrinking Mate with friendsMeet your NICE-buddyParty in Nueva Córdoba

* OT : Outdoor-Training

** CT : Conversation-Training

*** These activities are not included in the price of the course.

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