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Procedure of NICE:
Organisation of internships and volunteering abroad

Here, you find everything you need to know about how NICE organizes internships and volunteering in Argentina.
Step by step we accompany you during the whole preparation process and stay abroad – of course, always personalized and in English!


Tell us what kind of internship or volunteerig abroad you are dreaming of! We will surely find a suitable program to make your dream come true. Using our contact form or registration form you can indicate all details you would like to share with us – and of course ask all questions you have.

We gladly advise you individually by e-mail, phone, Whatsapp or Skype – just as you prefer. As soon as you feel perfectly prepared to define your stay abroad you start completing our application forms.


To start the placement process for your internship or volunteering in Argentina you just fill in the Application Form and our CV Form. Then you send these two forms by mail back to us, attaching also a photo of you.

At this moment only the Start Fee will be due. Here, you can choose between Standard and Express, depending on how soon you would like to receive your internship resp. volunteering offers. Find out more.

While we start working on making true your dream, you will receive our Travel Preparation Guide. This guide gives valuable hints on typical questions and travel preparation topics. However, also your contact person in Argentina will individually answer your questions regarding your stay abroad.

To apply for an internship or volunteering in Argentina, please send us a photo of you and the following documents via email: Application Form, CV Form.

If you already know some Spanish, you can additionally fill in this Spanish Test and we will give you an estimation on your level and, where appropriate, a course recommendation.

The CV Form is very detailed as it addresses all possible educational and professional aspects. Of course, you only need to fill in the areas that are relevant to you.

In the CV Form, you will be asked for your motivation to do an internship or volunteering in South America: With this text, you have the possibility to introduce yourself personally to the companies or institutions that receive your CV. Please explain the following two aspects: Why do you want to do an internship or volunteering in this area? And why did you decide for going to South America resp. Argentina?

Photo: It is not necessary to send us a professional application photo. But since the companies and institutions in Argentina do not have the opportunity to meet you in person, the photo is an important first impression and should be nice and in good quality.

Spanish Test: This test starts with basic Spanish exercises and becomes increasingly difficult from task to task. For this reason you do not need to fill it in until the end. You rather start with the first task and go on until you reached your level resp. the complexity you already handle in Spanish. Of course, if you do not know any Spanish yet, you do not need to hand in the test.

Are you curious about our Travel Preparation Guide? We have compiled first information on flights, visa, literature and other important topics. Click here for more information.


Now, we translate your CV and start to organize your internship or volunteering in South America. Doing so, we take all information into account that you detailed in the Application Form, including requirements that your university might have. In case of rather particular internship requests we even contact numerous new companies. This way, we are able to send you internship resp. volunteering offers that perfectly fit to your needs and interests

Depending on the programme type you have chosen and the start fee (express or standard) you have transferred, this placement process takes between 2 and 8 weeks.

Start Fee (Standard)
First internship offer within…
Personal Fit: 8 weeks, Category Fit: 6 weeks, Gap Year 6 weeks
Volunteering Program: 7 weeks
Vacancies of our Job Portal: 4 weeks
Last Minute Vacancies of our Job Portal: 2 weeks

Express Start Fee
First internship offer within…
Personal Fit: 4 weeks, Category Fit: 3 weeks, Gap Year: 3 weeks
Volunteering Program: 3 weeks


As soon as we receive a positive answer, we issue a corresponding internship resp. volunteering offer and send it to you via email. This offer details all important information about your project, such as: name and address of the company or NGO, a description of the company or NGO and its activities, your tasks, the time period, the working hours and of course the contact details of your contact person in the company or NGO.
So you can take your time to find out, which offer you like best.

In case of a mandatory internship, you can also submit the internship offer(s) to your university to receive feedback if it will be accepted.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to find a suitable internship or volunteering in Argentina for almost every applicant. However, sometimes we receive very complicated or specific requests (Personal Fit). In these rare cases, it may happen that we cannot offer a suitable position. This is when the NICE guarantee comes into effect.
NICE Guarantee: If we cannot offer a suitable internship, the Start Fee will be returned.
Of course, you can complete also a mandatory internship or practical semester abroad with NICE. Here, we explain you what particularities apply to this case. 

Please detail all university requirements in the Application Form. This way we can make sure that you only receive internship offers that comply with these requirements.

When receiving the internship offer, your will have the possibility to hand it in to your contact person at your university. As soon as (s)he accepted the offer you can subscribe to the internship position at NICE.

Many universities have predefined internship contracts to be firmed by the internship company, the intern and the university itself. You can send these forms to your contact person at NICE. We will then take care that they are firmed and sent back to you.


If you decide to accept one of our internship or volunteering offers, you sign the contract for this particular placement. Now, you also have the possibility to plan your stay by booking your accommodation and/or Spanish course at NICE. Of course, we are always by your side and support you when it comes to flight search, application for funding or travel preparation.

The Organisation Fee will only be charged if you accept an internship or volunteering offer. In case you decide, for whatever reason, to reject all offers, we will obviously charge no Organisation Fee.


It’s time to get on the plane to South America! Of course, you will be perfectly prepared: Your contact person at NICE will be there for any questions even until the day of departure. Thanks to our Welcoming Leaflet you receive all important information about your stay two weeks before arriving to Argentina. This Welcoming Leaflet details for example information about your accommodation (name, contact, address), your course schedule (hours and teachers), your internship or volunteering or just about NICE, our office and contact data on site.

If you have booked a reception service, we will pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation. Here, we assist you during your first conversation with your host and give you all important information about your disctrict.

From the first day on and during your whole stay, we are always by your side. This way, you will immediately get in contact with other participants, take part in exciting free time activities and receive advice on any question that might occur.

From the first contact until your very last day in Argentina we are there for you. Find out more about our service on site!

Looking for an internship or volunteering in South America?

Wonderful, contact us without obligation and we advise you individually!