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Welcome to NICE Support Programme
Internships and volunteering services  in South America

As a German-Argentine Foundation, NICE offers up to 50 internships and volunteer services in Argentina without any mediation fee. This support programme comprises two parts and is aimed at students & graduates (student programme) or at pupils & school leavers (school programme).

Here, you can find a short presentation of the student programme as well as the school program. Futhermore, we present you some examples of internships and volunteer services of the programme.
And as soon as you decide to apply, just download all forms at the “Application documents” section!

Student programme

Internships are possible in tourism, marketing, logistics, languages, social work, business administration, arts & culture, pedagogy, communication or event management.
Both, enrolled students and graduates (Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes), can participate in the NICE support programme. It is open to all nationalities as well as all ages (from 18 years). Furthermore, NICE does not differentiate between mandatory and voluntary internships.
In general, a start is possible all year round. Some internships exclude January as a starting period.
Depending on the internship company, a minimum duration of two months is required. The maximum internship duration is eight months.
Most Argentine companies prefer interns that have gained first professional knowledge from academic studies or prior vocational experience.. However, there are also numerous positions which can be approached without prior knowledge.
The support programme is open to all, regardless of the candidates’ Spanish skills. Candidates with little or no previous Spanish skills can prepare themselves adequately for their internship with a NICE intensive language course on site.
In principle, mandatory internships can also be completed within this support programme. However, it must be examined on a case-by-case basis how specific the university requirements for the internship are.

We are currently accepting applications for the year 2018. Your application should ideally be submitted 4-5 months before the start of your internship, and  at the latest 2 months in advance.

Here, you can download the application form and the CV form. As soon as you have filled them out, you can send them together with a photo of yourself to:  

School programme

You can complete your project abroad in the following areas: marketing & communication, healthcare, child & youth work, arts & culture, equality & human rights, tourism, tutoring & recreation, environmental protection, community work, commercial department and environmental protection.
Both, pupils and high school graduates, can apply for the NICE support programme, regardless of nationality and from the age of 17.
Most projects can be started all year round. There are, however, some internship companies and several NGOs, that do not offer a project start in January, the Argentine holiday month.
Internships can be completed over a minimum period of 8 weeks, while volunteer services are possible from 4 weeks. The maximum duration of your internship or volunteering service is six months.
Neither for an internship nor for a volunteer service prior professional knowledge is required.
Important is openness towards the South American culture, willingness to learn, enthusiasm and reliability.
Anyone can participate, whether you already have Spanish skills or not. If necessary, you can learn the language with a NICE intensive course directly before the internship or volunteering in Argentina.
If you want to start a project in 2017, you can apply now.
A lead time of 4-5 months is ideal, but if you are late, we also accept short-term applications (at the latest 2 months before the start of the project).
Here, you can download the application form and the CV form. As soon as you have filled them out, you can send them together with a photo of yourself to:

Examples of internships and volunteer services of
NICE Support Programme in Argentina:

Internships and volunteering services in South America - Events
Internship in Event Agency in Córdoba
Event management company specialized in conventions, fairs and exhibitions for promotional marketing goals, customer loyalty and to promote trade contacts.
Event organization tasks:
Create budgets and schedules;
Choose and book the location where an event will take place;
Make the necessary procedures to obtain permits and authorizations;
Supervise transport services (logistics);
Hire and supervise catering, shows, technical equipment, etc.
Contact with exhibitors;
Cooperate with business rounds coordination;
Data base organization and maintenance
Strategic market analysis.
Start: You can select the starting point yourself (except January).
Duration: min. 10 weeks,
Working hours: ca. 6 hours per day
City: Córdoba, Argentina
Internships and volunteering services in South America - comunity center
Volunteering in Community Center in Córdoba
Community centre for the prevention of malnutrition.
Administrative area:
Patients reception;
Organize and coordinate patient’s appointments;
Provide information about activities of the centre to patients and general public.
Communication and resources area:
Spread the centre’s activities through media and social networks;
Help with actions aimed to recruit volunteers;
Organize events and promotional campaigns;
Collaborate with the reception and management of donations.
Nutrition area:
Collaborate with the “Healthy Nutritional Habits”educational program;
Help with the children’s meal preparation;
Cooperate with the psycho-pedagogues, speech therapists, social workers and dentists in the practices and with the educational, health care and craft workshops.
Start: You can select the starting point yourself.
Duration: min. 6 weeks,
Working hours: ca. 5 hours per day
City: Córdoba, Argentina
Internships and volunteering services in South America - Markteing
Internship in Marketing Agency in Buenos Aires
Design and Marketing Agency.
Direct Marketing area:
Think concepts for Emailing;
Manage data bases and select target audience;
Design sketches for creative ideas;
Write texts to communicate sales and campaigns;
Select pictures for designs.
Digital Marketing area:
Design web positioning strategies, use of Adwords and email marketing actions;
Help the staff with web maintenance tasks.
Design area:
Collaborate in the pre-production phase of advertising posters.
Start: You can select the starting point yourself.
Duration: min. 8 weeks,
Working hours: ca. 6 hours per day
City: Buenos Aires, Argentina
We wish you a lot of success and will gladly answer your questions.
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