1. When going to a place you don’t know, it might be helpful to see what others have experienced or know about this place. Read Travellers reviews on websites and forums before booking hotels, guided tours or restaurants or even try to find a blogger who might be more into what’s new and what’s good in the city.
  2. Avoid lines and crowds by booking online, searching for sightseeing passes and Combo-Cards.
  3. The goal is to have fewer luggage. Plan it and take your time. This doesn’t mean you have to leave many things at home. It’s rather about, for example, mixing and matching outfits – things you can combine and that are suitable for layering when the weather gets colder.
  4. When the work permits it, it is much better to travel outside the holiday season. The prices are more affordable and the places are by far less crowded.
  5. Buying local products is not only an ecologically friendly decision, it’s also intelligent. Discovering   local wines and dishes are part of the travel experience. Forget the fast food chains and visit the local coffee shops and typical restaurants of each city.The same goes for souvenirs. It is getting harder and harder to find local products (unless you are in China). Try to figure out where locals buy their stuff and your souvenirs will be loaded with the culture’s charm such as local clothing, art or stuff from local markets.
  6. The best site for booking a flight is not one where you actually book flights, like Expedia, Opodo or Travelocity. What you need is a website that scans the prices of multiple airlines and travel booking pages at one time such as kayak.de, DoHop.com or Momondo.com. Unless your travel dates are absolutely fixed, also have a look at the prices a few days before and after. They are changing extremely.
  7. House swaps, B&B’s, hostels or sleeping on a local’s couch is great alternative to big hotel chains! Check out such web pages as BedandBreakfast.comairbnb.comDudeRanch.orgHomeExchange.comCouchSurfing.comUHOTW.com and stay at a modern loft in the city centre, an old castle outside the city or a romantic tree house in the forest.
  8. When travelling, my tip is to try to really get to know one country instead of collecting overall impressions of the touristic highlights form more a lot of countries.
  9. Think about: What am I interested in and which part of the culture/ architecture/ nature do I want to get to know instead of just following the crowds of tourists. Don’t be scared of leaving the touristic path.10. The most important thing to me is to be responsible. This makes the difference between a tourist and a traveller. Be aware of the impact you have on the country you’re travelling to and try to keep it on a minimum.

9 travel tip