Volunteer programme: Choose your area, start, date and city!

Your biggest dream is doing a volunteering in South America? Do you want to help out in an NGO and truly make a difference? Come to Argentina and live your once-in-a-lifetime experience!
We organise volunteerings in 12 different areas. With this programme you can define not only your volunteering area but also the city and period of your stay abroad.

David's experiences with his gap year volunteering in Argentina

Description of the volunteer programme:

You choose your favorite area:

  • Animal Care

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Development

  • Conservation and Wildlife
  • Disability Care Program

  • Disadvantaged Children
  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Homeless Shelter

  • Human Rights

  • Tourism and Recreation

  • Youth Development

Quick Facts

You can determine the duration of your volunteering. There is neither a minimum nor a maximum length.

Your volunteer programme in Argentina: All you need to know!

Studies and practical experience: You can participate in a volunteering without any theoretical or practical knowledge. Of course, if you have gained already some experience or knowledge we will gladly take this qualification into consideration when organising your project position.

Spanish skills: You can also register for our volunteering without any previous Spanish knowledge. However, an appropriate level of skills is necessary in order to be successfully integrated into the Argentine company and society. With our Spanish courses on site we prepare you for your volunteering in the shortest time possible. Read more about our Spanish courses.

Minimum Age: 18 years

Maximum Age: No age limit, globetrotter young-at-heart are more than welcome!

Nationality: Our programmes are available to all nationalities.

Deadlines: You can register at any time and you receive your first volunteering offer within 8 weeks. In urgent cases, with our Express Start Fee, we send you the first offer within 4 weeks. If you are in a hurry, you can also check out our Last Minute Vacancies.

  1. Fill out the online registration without any obligations.
  2. We will send you our information material and advise you individually on your plans. Also, we will clarify with you what information we need for the volunteering organization.
  3. Depending on how quickly you want to get volunteering offers, you shall pay the standard start fee or the express start fee. Then you get at least two volunteering offers with all project and institution details.
  4. If you are happy with one of the offers, you sign the volunteering contract. Having accepted your volunteering, you are also free to book your language course and accommodation.
    We support you during your flight search, application for funding and travel preparation. And once you have booked the flight, you share with us when you arrive in Argentina!

NICE Guarantee:
The organisation fee will only be charged if you accept an offered volunteering.

No, because we work transparently and without any hidden costs. In the online registration you can simply indicate which services you wish and you will receive the corresponding invoices. All prices are published on our website; this is how you can easily add up the costs and calculate the total price of your individual package.
Additionally, you should take your flight and sufficient insurance protection into account. Low-priced insurance packages are offered for example at the student card ISIC. Cheap flight deals you find on skyscanner, kayak or statravel where you can quickly and easily compare prices.
When thinking of Argentina, Buenos Aires and Tango come immediately to your mind. This is why it may be surprising that the most popular volunteering city is Córdoba: Argentina’s second largest city offers a lot of cultural activities, entertainment, a great surrounding area and above all it is less anonymous than Buenos Aires. Being the most important university town of the country, the city is very young and it is much easier to get into contact with locals.
In case you attend a Spanish Course at NICE before starting with the volunteering, you will definitely get to know Córdoba because this is where our headquarters and our Spanish school are located. A combination of a Spanish course in Córdoba and an volunteering in another city can be conveniently and simply arranged.
Just like you are now, we once were students and we know this phenomenon! This is why we are keen to offer our high quality services for affordable prices.
To achieve this, we use amongst others only a minimal percentage of our revenues on marketing.
Even when planning your stay we support you to find economical solutions to make your dream come true. This includes, for example, choosing your flight connection and the travel insurance. Also, you can apply for funding with our support.
If you want to select cost-consciously the volunteering city, we recommend you to avoid the capital and Patagonia, because living costs there are significantly higher than in the other Argentine regions.
Only very few people speak and understand English in Argentina. If you have no or only very basic Spanish knowledge, we recommend you to attend a Spanish course on-site. That will enable you soon to communicate easily with locals.
If you like, we are pleased to evaluate your Spanish skills for free. Just ask for our Spanish test.
  • Highly individual consultancy – by email and phone.
  • Fast answers within 24 hour.
  • We speak English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.
  • Get oriented: More than 300 volunteering examples available.
  • Specific questions? We are specialists for Argentina with 10 years of experience!
  • CV: Translation and revision.
  • Volunteering search: Regular feedback on progress.
  • Personal attention: Your english speaking contact person at NICE.
  • Volunteering offer(s): Company details, description of your activities, precontact to the company possible.
  • Frame contract with the volunteering institution in order to integrate foreign volunteers.
  • University contracts: Handling and submission of all required documents and certificates.
  • Scholarships: Issuance of all necessary application documents.
  • NICE –Travel Preparation (Handbook).
  • NICE – Tips for your Stay (Handbook).
  • Insurance: Personal Consultancy.
  • Flights: Support and Advice on flight connections.
  • Personal guidance on travel preparation issues.
  • Spanish skills: Free analysis and consultancy.
  • City map and Bus card for public transport*.
  • SIM card for your mobile and/or Rental of an Argentine mobile*.
  • NICE – Leisure Time Guide.
  • Local NICE-group on Facebook.
  • Excursions and free time activities on site*.
  • 24/7 hotline for consultancy in cases of emergency.
  • NICE Buddy-Program with Argentines & “Spanish-English-Exchange” Program.
  • Assistance on Argentine working style and rules of conduct at the workplace.
  • Preparation for or assistance at* the first interview with your volunteering institution.
  • Regular Feedback and mentoring to ensure a successful volunteering.
  • Consultancy and support on your volunteering certificate (issued by the volunteering institution).
  • * Córdoba

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