Our Volunteer Program in South America

You are big-hearted, open-minded and interested in getting involved in social projects? At the same time, you are eager to live and learn a new language abroad? Then our Volunteer Program in South America is just the right thing for you!
As a volunteer in Argentina, you assist NGOs in realizing long-term oriented and sustainable projects. Day by day, you will learn a lot about the project you work on, the country, its culture, its communities – and of course yourself.
Thanks to our long-standing experience in organizing volunteer projects in Argentina, our Volunteer Program offers you the opportunity to choose between 12 areas according to your preferences.
Don’t worry if you do not have any prior Spanish skills! With our Spanish courses, we will prepare you for your voluntary work in South America within only a few weeks.

Volunteer Program in South America: David's experience

The 12 amazing areas of our Volunteer Program

Protecting the environment, taking care of animals or helping people in need – Our Volunteer Program gives you the free choice between 12 exciting areas. You simply select one or several areas of interest and we will contact suitable partner NGOs with your CV and considering your preferred time period. Any positive responses will be forwarded to you as individual offers – and you choose the volunteer project in South America you like the most.

Quick Facts
  • Simply select your area of interest

  • Receive you first offer within 3-7 weeks

  • Cities: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, etc.

  • Start und duration freely selectable

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Price: from 440 €. More information

Volunteer Program, Job Portal or Personal Fit: Choose what suits you best!

Volunteer Program: Riding Therapy in South AmericaIf you want to work in a very specific area, for example in a project that supports autistic children, offers riding therapy or deals with the local environmental law, you can alternatively choose our Personal Fit Program. This program has been developed for highly specific internships overseas. Although it is not one of our volunteer programs, it can exceptionally be chosen for the placement of a voluntary work in a clearly defined area. Feel free to tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with individual volunteer opportunities according to your wishes. This way, you can be sure that your volunteer work will be an enriching and unforgettable experience.

More about Personal Fit

Volunteer Program in South America: animal careIn addition to an individual placement, you also have the possibility to look for yourself which social project you would like to work on: On our Job Portal, you can find volunteer projects and internships in South America in any area – ranging from community development and environmental conservation to homeless shelter and childcare.

Do you need inspiration? Check out the reports of former volunteers.

Curious? Check out our social project vacancies now

Destination South America: You want it all? Argentina has it all!
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Argentina is a country full of different regions with vastly differing landscapes. For instance, you can visit the Cataratas del Iguazú, which are the world’s largest waterfalls on the border of Brazil, spend a day in the salt desserts in the North, or see giant glaciers and penguins in Patagonia. In addition, there are fascinating cities awaiting you: Buenos Aires forms the country’s economic and cultural centre and is home to one-third of the Argentinean population. The capital is characterized by a mixture of European influences and Latin American flair; therefore it is considered a vibrant and multicultural metropolis. Smaller, but just as exciting Argentinean cities like Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche and Rosario are definitely also worth a trip!

What qualifies you for our Volunteer Program in South America?

Of course, you could also do a voluntary service at home – but you prefer to gain working experience overseas and explore South America? Just book your flight, start your voluntary work in Argentina and thereafter travel to fascinating countries like Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil or Colombia – There is a lot to discover! Traveling through Latin America will take you to incredible places and gives you the chance to experience its unique culture and lifestyle. Come to South America and create unforgettable memories!

You can take part in our Volunteer Program without any prior knowledge or working experience (similar to the internships in our Gap Year Program). You just need to be open-minded and interested in learning about how people in South America provide decisive aid with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm – overcoming the obstacles that present the limited available resources.
The organization will introduce you to each activity and in some cases, you will furthermore have the possibility to create a new activity or mini project. This is how you will gain many new skills during your voluntary work abroad – and learn a lot about yourself!

You do not only want to travel but gain work experience abroad. Moreover, you prefer a volunteer work over an internship because you want to support people on site by helping disadvantaged children, fostering environmental conservation or teaching valuable skills to students in need. If you are committed to the goals of the respective organization and really want to make a change, our Volunteer Program is the right choice for you!

For work & travel in Australia or teaching children in India, it is obviously enough to speak English. In South America on the contrary, Spanish is necessary in order to communicate with people from the local and indigenous communities. This holds true not only for Argentina but also for countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia. If you don´t have any or only basic Spanish skills so far, you can simply join one of our Intensive Courses on site.
More about our Spanish courses.

With NICE you can get involved socially or do an internship for job orientation from the age of 17 on. If you are a student, you can take an inspiring break with a volunteer project abroad and professionals have the opportunity to do a so-called sabbatical in South America with NICE. Hence, our Volunteer Program is open to all generations – and in addition, it can be easily combined with a travel through Latin America.

You are not interested in a touristic vacation but rather want to contribute to a real change? Great! Our local organizations in Argentina are looking for volunteers that want to participate in a project for at least 4 weeks. However, the longer you stay, the more you will learn about South America and the cultural particularities of Argentina in comparison to countries such as Brazil, Ecuador or Peru. Furthermore, you will turn into a real member of the team and gain deeper insights into the workflow, the partners involved, etc. For sure, you will see the first results of your effort in no time – there is nothing more rewarding!

Volunteer programs: the process

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