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Argentina – our temporary home in South America

Living and studying in Brussels, Barbara decided to take some time out from her busy life in Europe to do an internship in South America. For three months she worked as an intern in a company specialized in online education in Córdoba, Argentina.

Barbara_1 What do you like most in Argentina and what impressed you most when you first arrived?

I love the country’s diversity. There are glaciers, jungles and deserts. Also, in less than a 30 minutes drive outside the city, you can find yourself in the countryside of Argentina.
People here are really helpful. When you’re lost and ask for directions, they not only tell you where to go, they also walk with you until you’re there.
Even if Argentina is a huge country (especially compared to Belgium), it feels more like a community here. It’s less individual and more relaxed.

What is your favorite Argentine expression?

“De donde sos?” That’s the one sentence you hear 5 times a day, when they inevitably hear your foreign accent.

Anything you would recommend knowing before coming to Argentina?

While waiting for the bus, people already start queuing to determine the order in which they will get on the bus.

SONY DSC Would you recommend visiting Argentina? And finally, please resume your experience in one sentence.

Without a doubt! Argentina has a LOT to offer, to put it mildly.
Literally and figuratively far from what I am used to, but the Argentineans made it so easy for me to feel home in South America.

The finish girl Aino is studying International Relations in Aberdeen, Scotland and decided to do a practical semester in South America. Thus, she completed a nine-month internship in a museum in the field of human rights. She really felt at home in the argentine “hermosos quilombo”.

When I left for Argentina almost 7 months ago I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had read my fair share of Argentina travel guides before coming here, but to understand this hermoso quilombo, charming chaos, I needed to come here and experience it first hand. During my stay I’ve not only improved my Spanish skills but also learned to appreciate the Argentine way of life, travelled to the world’s end and made friends in South America with some amazing and inspiring people.

Even though Finland and Argentina aren’t exactly compatible, as soon as I got out of the air plane I felt at home. Almost seven months have passed and I still feel the same way about Córdoba. This city has to offer everything I could ask for; a huge student population, excellent trekking opportunities close by, friendly people, relative safety and most importantly buena onda (good vibes). However, there are some things here that may come as a surprise to Europeans, like issues public transport or the lack of good cheese for example, but hey, it’s all part of the experience so just get on with it!


Working in an Argentine organization is an experience; work is totally mixed with drinking mate, exchanging views about politics and chatting about your colleagues’ parents’ health and holidays. As for me, one of the most memorable moments at work was when a museum director from South African Apartheid Museum came to visit the Archive and I got to do all the translating when my colleagues explained in Spanish how we work and what we do in the Archive.

Argentina is a huge country and there’s plenty to see and explore. For example, I spent a month in Patagonia in Southern Argentina and Chile exploring the wilderness and Patagonian wildlife and got to see penguins and dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s also easy to do shorter trips during long weekends, just take a night bus to Mendoza for example, spend the weekend doing some wine tasting and then reluctantly go back to work on Tuesday.

It’s extremely easy to get to know new people here; Argentines are usually really keen on getting to know you and your culture. NICE organizes plenty of free time activities where you get to meet other NICE interns and Argentines, so there’s no need to worry about finding friends. What I think is great about NICE is that they have a lot of young staff members who know what kind of questions and challenges you are likely to face during their stay. The services that NICE offers are great, they organize everything from lovely accommodation to a new SIM card with a combination of German punctuality and Argentine relaxedness.

So, as for me, I can highly recommend doing an internship in South America, particularly in Argentina with NICE. And don’t be intimidated by Argentine accent, you’ll get used to it over time. So take a deep breath, book those flights and get on that plane!


During her high school year in the USA Christina has already gained experience abroad. Now she wanted to explore the culture of South America and did an internship for eight weeks in Argentina.


What did you do in Argentina?

I started with a three-week Spanish course, before beginning an internship with an NGO, which unfortunately didn’t meet the requirements of my university. Thankfully, NICE found another internship straight away with a consulting firm where I really loved to work. Three times a week, I also went to Spanish courses in the evening.

What was the most beautiful place you visited so far?

Without a question, the Cataratas de Iguazú in the north of Argentina. I liked the panorama from the Brazilian side, but nothing compares to being close to the Garganta del Diablo on the Argentinean side of the border.

What are the main differences that you found between life in your country and life in Argentina?

In Austria (and Germany, where I attend university) everything is very organized. In Argentina, things can get a bit chaotic, both in the streets and at work. In the beginning I found it hard to adjust myself, but it was definitely a valuable lesson in becoming more flexible and spontaneous. I learned that improvisation often works out very well in South America.

DSCN0465What do you like most and what do you like least in Argentina?

I really liked how open, friendly and patient everyone was. I loved the food, the architecture and the music. The only thing really getting on my nerves was the Autobus, which follows no schedule and is always hot and crowded. And I was a bit nervous around the stray dogs that are everywhere, especially when they followed me on my runs.

What is your favourite Argentine expression?

Pochoclo. Not sure why, it just sounds funny and I really enjoyed eating some while going to the movies with friends. My favourite movie was an Argentine one called “Vino para robar” – absolutely hilarious!

christina_5 Would you recommend visiting Argentina? Why?

Absolutely! It’s a huge, diverse country with a lot to see and incredibly friendly people. It’s also a good location for trips to other South American countries. Personally, I`d recommend to live here for a while though, not just visit. I’m convinced that living in another culture is an eye-opening experience that really changes your perspective. And of course there is no better way to learn or improve your Spanish than doing an internship in this beautiful country.

Resume your experience in one sentence.

Possibly the best time of my life!

Laura left her home behind to accomplish an internship in the field of marketing and social media in South America. What is her opinion about Argentina and its delicacies?


What do you do in Argentina?

I worked as an intern at the NICE office in the social media and marketing department, and building the new website with the others.

What most impressed you when you first arrived?

I actually already spoke fluently Spanish when I got here in March but when I heard my host Alejandro talking – damn, all I could do was smile and nod because seriously, I almost didn’t understand a thing he said. Cordobese accent, guys! Took me some time to get used to.

Do you like:

  • Dulce de leche? As a Nutella substitute, of course! But there is nothing above Nutella.
  • Mate? I really like showing a picture a friend took when I first tried it because it makes most of the people laugh. A face filled with disgust! But I started liking it soon after, as well as the mate culture – hanging out with friends, talking and relaxing while sharing mate tea. I will force my friends at home to make this a thing.
  • Fernet? Same thing as with mate. At first, it wants to make you puke and soon after, you can’t go out without having a cup of it mixed with Coke.
  • Asado? God, yes! At home I’m really picky with meat – but this is just… pure pleasure.
  • Empandas? The best snack! I gotta admit, I like the “árabes” best.
  • Choripan? Oh boy, how I will miss Choripan… There are no words! The best thing after dancing and drinking all night.

mate_before and afterWhat was the most beautiful place you visited so far?

Without a doubt: Puerto Madryn and the Península Valdés – you know, because of whales and the ocean – and for being breathtakingly beautiful overall. Not even exaggerating.

What are the main differences that you found between life in your country and life in Argentina?

A typical Argentine thing is to stand in line, whereas at home everybody would have lost their patience. The Argentines are lovely. Their hospitality makes up for everything that could possibly annoy you.

10681648_10204691987529717_1545087023_nWould you recommend visiting Argentina? Why?

Argentina is – above all – a very civilized South American country. Sometimes, it makes home not seem so far away at all. And it’s incredibly diverse, there is so much to see and so many places to travel to.

Resume your experience in one sentence.

Thank you, Argentina, for letting me meet great people and for how you managed to teach me a little more about different cultures, different mentalities and above all about myself… oh yeah, and about football and the obligatory passion, obviously!

Having travelled the world for 18 months after high school and than studied one year in New Zealand, Lydia is a real globetrotter. From NZ she came directly to NICE in Argentina. That´s what she thinks about her first experience in South America.

CIMG7746What most impressed you when you first arrived?

Honestly, everything impressed me when I first arrived! Everything was totally different from what I was used to. For instance, that ATMs were sometimes out of money. Furthermore, Argentines drink Coca-Cola as if it’s water! That still impresses me.

What are the main differences that you found between life in your country and life in Argentina?

I know it sounds weird and you can’t really understand it if you haven’t lived in Argentina for a while but life is so different. Small everyday tasks usually take more time than they would back home.

Do you have any hobbies in Argentina? Which one?

You never get bored in Córdoba. There’s so much stuff you can do. My personal objective was to try out as many restaurants and bars in Córdoba as possible. I think I did a good job in achieving this. Besides, I went for a run now and then at the river bank, went on climbing trips in the nearby sierras and simply spent time with all the awesome people I’ve met.

CIMG9185What was the most beautiful place you visited so far?

I loved every single one of our trips! Of course, Iguazú was a highlight. When you see the falls for the very first time, they simply take your breath away. But also Salta and the Jujuy area is definitely worth a visit! I have never seen such landscapes before. Visiting these regions of Argentina was like visiting another planet.

What is your favourite Argentine expression?

No me importa! (Combined with the typical gesture of stroking your chin with your fingers to emphasize the meaning of it.)

Would you recommend visiting Argentina? Why? And finally, please resume your experience in one sentence.

Definitely recommending it! It is great to broaden one‘s horizon, to meet new people, learn a new language, experience the unknown and see one of the most beautiful countries in the world!
It was a long held dream of mine to go to South America, learn Spanish and experience a completely different culture – Argentina definitely did not disappoint me.

Our stay in South America in pictures

Her stay in Argentina offered Franziska an unforgettable experience in South America. During her six-month internship at NICE she got a better insight of the country, the culture and the life of the Cordobeses.

For me Argentina is a land of milk and water. Nowhere else there is so good food: Asados, Empanadas without forgetting Chipas, Criollos, Mate and Choripanes … This together with the multifaceted landscape and the warmth of the people made my stay an unforgettable experience.

Friends of Jana already were enthused about the beauty of Argentina. So she decided to spend half a year in South America to do an internship in the field of social work. In this way she was able to complete her practical semester and got to know the Argentine culture.

It was one of the most important experience of my life! Why? I got to know people from all over the world. La onda in Argentina is indescribably beautiful! Everything seemed to me calmer and with more enthusiasm! We danced all night long Salsa and Cumbia. The food was really delicious, and I don’t want to be without Empanadas, Mate and Dulce de leche anymore.

Thanks to NICE who made it possible to make this experience in South America with so much love and help!

Even though Katharina haven’t had many Spanish skills, she was sure that she wants to spend her practical semester in Argentina. Before starting in the office of a tour operator she improved her language knowledge with a six-week Spanish course in Córdoba.

KatharinaMy time in South America was AMAZING! It was an unforgettable experience for me that I would not want to miss for the world. Over and over again I remember so many things. Argentina is a great country for a stay abroad, because the people are so warm-hearted and nature and culture have plenty to offer. Spanish course, accommodation, etc. were great, so I felt comfortable and I will always remember these beautiful days in Argentina.

Also Melanie elected Argentina for a stay abroad. Melanie moved to South America for a ten-week internship in a real estate company in Cordoba. Her conclusion:

I never got to know more hospitable, more passionate and at the same time so relaxed people. For me, Argentina is the epitome of liberty and adventure – living in the here and now!

Anne has already spent one year in beautiful Argentina. She missed the Argentine lifestyle so much that she returned to her adopted home. Anne moved to Buenos Aires, where she completed an internship for five months in a company for audiovisual media.

I can’t tell you what you will experience in Argentina. You just have to come and have a look by yourself – and maybe experience a great adventure, learn a new way of life or just find a country full of new friends. Why Argentina? Well, why not?

Anne G

Isabel is studying Tourism in Görlitz, Germany and decided to complete an internship in Argentina organized by NICE. For four months she worked as an intern for a tour operator in Córdoba – a town she fell in love with!

Each country has its own peculiarities and cultural diversity. However, I fell in love with Argentina!

Dancing Tango, eating Empanadas, the Spanish language and the relaxed manner of the locals – all that characterised my stay and I am very glad that I have made this experience.

While studying in his master program of cultural technology and water management Michael decided to complete a practical training in Argentina. After his Intensive Course Plus he furthermore attended a two-week Spanish course next to his internship in the field of Geoprocessing.

I learned a lot of Spanish in the very short time of three months in. The small group and the motivated professor helped me very much. In addition, the contact to the friendly, open minded and extraordinary talkative Argentines was always a great help.

Claudia stayed in Córdoba for six months to do her internship and fell in love with the city`s lifestyle. This is how she resumes it:

Córdoba in summer:
A dream. Mate at a park, cena in one of the beautiful patios of a bar in Belgrano, dancing in a boliche until dawn – and everything in a group of endearing, open minded and humorous people.
I felt like home in Argentina and didn´t want to go back!

About NICE: Service, Spanish courses, internships & volunteer work
As part of his cultural studies Jonas did his internship in the field of international marketing in Argentina. What he loved the most he let you know in the following:

1_Jonas2I was with NICE in Córdoba, Argentina for five months and I really enjoyed it. In the beginning I was a little skeptical, because it is a relatively small organization, but in hindsight I don’t understand this anymore, because I think that this makes it more personal and gives you the opportunity to feel at home quickly. As well an advantage is that you can go easily to the office (Córdoba). Especially at the beginning, when you can’t solve every problem on your own, e.g. if the SIM card doesn’t work or you don’t know where it is best to change money, the advice from local people is worth its weight in gold.

1_Jonas1What I liked most about the Spanish course was, that we digressed into history, culture and politics very often. Therefore I was able to gain deeper insights in current topics and the use of the language. Moreover, the teacher knows German, which helps a lot, because she identifies the reason of mistakes and knows how to deal with them. At the moment I’m preparing for my CELU exam and I’m quite confident that I’ll achieve my aim, which I had set for the months.

Concerning the accommodation: I live with an Argentine, who is in her mid-thirties in a very central apartment. In the beginning there were some language difficulties, but by now we get along very well.

I think it is a pity that NICE is often overlooked because of the large rival providers. All in all I can recommend NICE in every respect with clear conscience.


Gülcin has always dreamt of getting to know South America. To make her dream come true she needed a really short internship and Spanish course as her university break was just two months. This is what she thinks about her experience with NICE and why she wants to return to Argentina one day:

Why I chose NICE?

When I read the advert from NICE on our job board I just wrote them out of the blue without thinking. And the answers were really friendly; that may sound weird now, but the way in which they talked to me and handled my case was so different, so warm and informal. And that was what probably made me stay in contact – and in the end I was not disappointed!

I recommend NICE because of the incredibly individual care and the warmth with which they treat you. You can call them, no matter for what reason and your problem is, they immediately take care of. I can’t even describe it, you have to experience it yourself in order to believe it. It is almost like a 24-hour-care.


About my internship and Spanish course

I did my internship in the marketing department of an international online Spanish school. I supported the company in online marketing, which I really liked.

At the same time with my internship I was enrolled in a Spanish course at NICE and I can only speak positively about it! In my opinion the teachers are very professional and really responded to my needs. I got single lessons, which is even better, because the teacher could totally concentrate on me. This made the whole thing much more efficient and easier. Furthermore, I noticed that when I go out to buy something or, no matter where I am, it makes a difference to be surrounded by the language all day long.

Before entering the internship in the field of Public Relations & Communication Dominik attended an Intensive course as well as a Business course in the language school of NICE. After the Spanish course Dominik was perfectly prepared for his internship in Argentina.

CIMG1952Córdoba was an amazing experience for me. And that was not just because of good weather and the friendly, always helpful Argentines. The Spanish course of NICE assured that I could enjoy conversations with so many people already after just a few weeks and gave me a great basis also for the internship that followed soon after.

One reason for this definitely was the small course size which gave our teacher the possibility to cull also individual problems. She also provided me with literature and gave me a good knowledge of the Argentine mentality in extra conversation lessons. A special Outdoor-Training was interactive learning pure, making sure stores, post offices, tourism agencies and bus-driving are no obstacles. The Business Spanish course I took as well made me feel a lot more comfortable when I started the internship, because I already knew a lot of this specific vocabulary.

P1080315Along with this went the housing. I had a room in the apartment of a lovely Argentine girl that took her time to talk a lot, to explain behaviour and mentality of people. Of course, living in Córdoba is different from living in Europe, but I never had the feeling that I missed something.

I can recommend this experience to everyone who wants to learn this language, to get to know South America with its interesting people, and who also wants to get a perfect insight into the working life in Argentina.


A friend of Joana convinced her to take some time off from her everyday stress in Germany. No sooner said than done: Through NICE Joana could complete her internship in Buenos Aires for 12 weeks. How has she experienced her time in Argentina and why did she choose NICE?

Joana1About me
My name is Joana, I am 26 years old and just about to finish my degree in Business Studies in Dortmund. As my studies have an international focal point, I came to Argentina to gain some work experience abroad, improve my Spanish and also to get to know a foreign culture. That way I combine my professional internship with the joy of travelling.

Why Argentina?
The idea of going to South America didn’t just come to me like that. A friend of mine already had studied in Buenos Aires and his stories made me want to know more about Argentina. So I learned that there are, for example, the waterfalls of Iguazú, or the salt deserts and that, even though it is quite different from Europe, you still feel safe. This combination I found great: On the one hand you have the diverse, different culture, a fascinating language and the most different landscapes and on the other hand you can travel safely and the people are so nice, friendly and helpful.

Joana3Why NICE?
I came across NICE on the black board of my University’s international office. On the notice it said that NICE would help me finding an internship in Argentina and I went directly onto their website, which I found very appealing. But I still was not entirely sure what I was going to do. For that reason, I contacted NICE and this contact was what convinced me in the end, because the whole process was really friendly and it felt very close. It felt like talking to a friend who wants to support me.

Why would you recommend NICE?

I would recommend NICE, because you feel immediately taken care of and they are very helpful regarding all questions and difficulties. I received a great support and flexible solutions to my problems. Furthermore, they help you making a good start working and living in Argentina.


Mira first decided to do just a Spanish course in Córdoba, then she stayed to do an internship as well, and then she posponed her South America trip to stay even longer… This is what she loves about Argentina and what made her stay and stay and stay!

Sabine who studies culture studies, decided for a practical internship in South America! As an intern in the head office of national parks she fell in love with Argentina.

fotosabineEven before my departure to Argentina, I realized that NICE assisted me with any kinds of problems or questions concerning my stay and that I really could rely on their help during my whole six-month stay.

During the first five weeks in Argentina I took an Intensive Spanish course with another student. As the learning concept included grammar and text-production as well as conversation and communication in daily situations I achieved a huge progress only after a short time. The tutorial was well prepared and taught in a comprehensive way. The lessons passed rather quickly and in a friendly atmosphere.

During my internship I continued with classes by taking Private Tutoring lessons. This way, I was able to deepen my Spanish knowledge and resolve occurring common language problems.

Thanks to my three-month internship in the Central Administration of the Argentine National Parks I learned a lot about the Argentine way of living. Furthermore, I gained a lot of experience which could help me in my career and also personal development. My colleagues were extremely friendly and took me to wonderful national and regional parks, congresses, meetings and also private parties throughout the country.

I was accommodated in the centre of Córdoba near my working place and it was really cosy. I lived with an Argentine student of my age, which gave me the opportunity to train my Spanish also outside classes and to find many Argentine friends who introduced me to the nightlife of Córdoba.

During my six-month stay I haven’t only learnt a lot but also had a lot of fun with my new friends. I also used the opportunity of my stay in order to travel a lot, what made me learn very much about the
Argentine culture as well as about me and my own culture and values.

Briefly, I can only recommend to everyone going to South America with NICE!

Mark took a break from his student life in Austria and travelled through South America for five months. To improve his Spanish he had a little stop in Argentina to attend a four-week Intensive Course in the Spanish school of NICE in Córdoba.

11-Mark Internship-Spanish courses-ArgentinaI came here four weeks ago to learn Spanish … now it’s the last day here in Córdoba and I can look back to four weeks in a beautiful city, surrounded by people who are frightenly friendly and warmhearted. My classes were pretty intense but I have learned a lot.

Córdoba is beautiful, the city center seems more compact and inviting that one would expect from such a big town. The flair is almost mediterranean. The people are beautiful as well. I stayed at a private home, Laura, my hostess, is a sweet person and I had a fantastic room with roof terrace! The teachers are young and fun, it really could not be better!

I really can recommend NICE, I don’t think it could be any better (By the way, they are not only amazing according to the quality and fun of the lessons, they are also cheaper than many other institutional schools here).

Tomorrow I will arrive in Buenos Aires, the second time, exactly five months after I arrived here in November. It seems like an eternity, I have seen so many fantastic things, met so many people and never get tired of travelling through South America. My life on the road is so intense, everyday there are so many new things to see and experience.

Carsten always wanted to explore the South American culture and simultaneously do social work. Both he could realize during his volunteering in Argentina! Here you will find out more about his experiences in the conversation and outdoor training.

P1060404My experience of the conversation and outdoor-training:

It was my first day in Córdoba, I was still totally exhausted from my trip, I left my home went downtown and met two girls. Later on, we found ourselves in a tourist spot called Buen Pastor. There, we sat on the grass, drank some mate and discussed about what people were wearing and the differences of fashion.

It was my first day of conversation-training. Contrary to what I had been expecting, it was like chatting with my friends – but in Spanish! Lucia, the conversation and outdoor-tutor, is about my age so she always put forward interesting topics to discuss about. The other girl I mentioned was my classmate. All classes are of limited size so you can really get to know your classmates and ask the teacher every question that comes to your mind. During mornings, I attended Spanish grammar courses and after that, I had conversation or outdoor-training. The outdoor-training consists of going to places like a post office, a restaurant or even a kiosk and interact with the locals while Lucia was monitoring us. During conversation courses we stayed in and had debates about different subjects.

It was my last day of outdoor-training when I realised that now I have an incredible knowledge of the Spanish language!

la calera_listo

During a stay abroad in Australia and Canada Stephan has already gained valuable experiences. He is studying International Management in Dortmund and for him it was important to see how a South American company is operating. He came for a ten-week internship to Argentina to find it out.

CIMG2001_listoMe and a friend decided to go to Argentina for an internship pretty spontaneously. Immediately we contacted NICE, because we heard about them from another student, who was really satisfied. We got an answer really quickly and they put much effort into the search, so that we were able start the internship soon. The friendly staff of NICE helped us a lot and tried everything to give us the best time here in South America. Before we did the internship, our Spanish had to become more advanced, and for that reason, we did a Spanish course “Intensive Plus” for four weeks and a “Business” course for another week. It was just amazing how fast we learned Spanish, the teachers were really professional and after this time, we felt well prepared to start working. The Outdoor training helped us to cope with shopping, post office etc. and we learned the vocabulary which is necessary. The internship was exactly what we were looking for and our tasks were ambitious. However the accommodation was also perfect, we lived together with an Argentine, who was lovely, and made friends quickly. All in all I have to say that NICE was the best, most honest and personal choice we could have made and I thank them for a great time in this beautiful country.


A Gap Year in South America with NICE
When finishing high school Aline decided to do her medical pre-study internship in Argentina. This way she combined a vocacional orientation period with learning Spanish and discovering a new continent before returning to her home country and becoming a doctor!

I have learned to take life a little bit easier from the Argentines and I got to know so many nice people with whom I am still in close contact.

Two years ago Bianca’s older brother already came to Argentina to do a Gap Year with NICE. Now its her turn to travel the world and she decided to start her South America trip with a Spanish course in Córdoba:

173076_103745823041214_3646042_o_listoHow would you describe NICE in a few words?
Good atmosphere, NICE people, motivated teacher.

What service did you enjoy/appreciate most?
All the extra news you get through the Facebook group and the activities the team offers you.
As I am travelling not only in Argentina it was my Spanish school and meeting point to get in touch with nice people who are doing (more or less) the same thing you do.

What are the three biggest benefits of being participant of a Nice-program?
Really good teacher!!!, helpful people who really try to give you a good time!

Is there a certain moment with NICE that you’ll keep in memory?
Paint Ball!


Would you recommend NICE to your friends? If so, why?
Yes! My brother has recommended me this school and I was as glad as he was 2 years ago. So I cannot think of a better one!

What will you miss about Argentina when returning back to your country?
Easy going culture, Mate, friendly people

Remembering your arrival to Argentina: What information or advices would you give to a newcomer?

Come with cash and be prepared that it is not always easy if you have just a visa card.


Learning Spanish: Mission successful?
I had only four weeks but for the time I think my teacher made a great job. The courses, the teachers, the concept were AWESOME!

We often get asked, if the Argentine accent is strong, what do you think?
Yes I think that’s true but you get used to it!

Thank you!

Why Eva wanted to go abroad after high school? She had the wish to be independent after 13 school years. For Eva it was time to pack her bags for a three-month pre-study internship in an art gallery in Argentina.

A short time ago somebody asked me again how it was in Argentina and I always share my enthusiasm about the great people, who I got to know there, who accepted me as a family member. I felt really comfortable. Argentines are curious or you could say open-minded and warm-hearted, just as you like. Anyway, I felt welcome immediately everywhere and that was wonderful.

Also David took some time off after the exams. He worked in an NGO for half a year in Argentina. Before starting his volunteering he completed a Spanish Intensive course to be prepared for his work.

David3Where do you live in Argentina?
I’m living in Cordoba for seven months.

What do you do in Argentina?
I work at an organisation. We are helping the homeless by cooking them food and giving them cloth and medicine.

What most impressed you when you first arrived?
That everybody smiles.

What are the main differences that you found between life in your country and life in Argentina?
The quality of the meat and how open-minded people are. And I have a “special” hobby: drinking Mate!

How are the Argentines? (3 adjectives)
Open-minded, crazy, relaxed.

Would you recommend visiting Argentina? Why?
Of course! It’s a beautiful country, it has an interesting culture and you will meet a ton of crazy yet adorable people. To resume my experience in one sentence: It was the best idea going to South!


Our adventures in Argentina
Since I am back in Germany, I have been thinking about how I can sum up all my experiences in Argentina in a few lines of text. My conclusion is: it simply doesn’t work! Thus you will only find a overview here.


Organisation NICE: Kudos to NICE for the great job! You have optimal support and can expect that everyone at NICE will always be available and you will run in open doors with any question. They support and help you, no matter in what situation.

Spanish course: simply brilliant! Grammar tuition and subsequent hands-on practice of the language in conversational training (with the teacher or in the streets with other Argentinians). It is strenuous, but worth the effort and very effective!

kerstin tere_listoInternship abroad: I had my internship in the biological department of the University of Córdoba and I was a assigned to handle my own project: Odour Production of Prosopanche Americana. Very interesting and also perfectly related to my studies! My colleagues were extremely nice and I could set up my own work schedule.

Accommodation: I lived with a very, very nice student right in the city centre. I had really drawn the ace. Couldn’t have been any better!

Córdoba/Argentina: I spent 4,5 months in Argentina and I have by far not seen everything. It is a huge country and offers countless impressive and beautiful landscapes worth seeing.
The province of Córdoba also has a lot to offer. For nature freaks, the sierras are the perfect destination. But the city itself is very attractive as well, alone by the number of students.

DSCN0847Advice: Just take the bare minimum with you in your luggage. You find plenty of shopping opportunities in Córdoba/Argentina. I can just advise anybody to travel as much as possible through South America and to let yourself be impressed by the beauty of Argentina. No matter where you show up, you always run in open doors with the Argentines. So: What are you waiting for. Kick off today!

Janice came to South America to work in the office of NICE in the field of international marketing and customer care. Here she is telling you her most favourite place in Argentina.

I came to Argentina because I have always wanted to go to South America. Furthermore, I love to travel, get to know foreign countries and I already speak Spanish and studied for half a year in Spain which was a great experience for me.

Argentina is a beautiful country with a lot of different facets. What I liked most were the waterfalls of Iguazu, because it is so different from Germany. It is tropical warm there and you see a lot of different animals and a landscape that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


For my internship I chose Córdoba because it is Argentinas second biggest city, but nonetheless has a manageable size. There are so many bars to go to and beautiful plazas to visit. Furthermore, the city has a great art scene with the “Paseo de las Artes” (handicraft market) on the weekends, which is great for a stroll and buying souvenirs.

This is the perfect addition to my work which I also liked a lot, because of my really friendly colleagues. Work here is different and the relationships with your co-workers are more personal.

NICE supported me in every aspect and through the organisation I met a lot of great people. They made my start in Argentina easy and that’s why I would recommend NICE any time.

All in all my stay in South America was an incredibly beautiful experience because of the kindness of the people and because life is so relaxed here. I would like to stay a little longer!

„Tuve una experiencia muy buena y quisiera quedarme!”

Pauline studies literature and languages in her home country France. She stayed with NICE in Argentina for seven months in order to perfect her Spanish and to do an internship as a journalist at an online magazine. Check out this video to see what she wants to tell you about her experience in South America!

After Verena stayed in South America for her three-month internship she was absolutely sure to come back to Argentina after finishing her studies. What impressions does she have about Argentina and its lifestyle?

1-Verena1_listoI was already sitting in the airplane when I started to realize that I was actually heading for Argentina – without much of a clue what was expecting me. I had literally jumped up from my desk right into the airplane – but there were three months ahead of me to find out more about it.

After a flight that seemed to me like an eternity, I finally arrived in my new home, an apartment in the middle of the city centre. Although my only desire was to sleep instantly, I summoned my few words of Spanish to get acquainted with my fellow flatmates. I was sure that I would feel comfortable here, since the girls were very nice… soon after, I fell into a very sound sleep which lasted until the next morning…

When I woke up, it was already noon and my flatmates had already left the apartment. I was very curious to discover my new environment and also had to find a bank to withdraw some Argentine Pesos. So I just hit the road and instantly discovered the helpfulness and compelling amiability of the Cordobese, enabling me to find a bank despite of a Cordobese public holiday.

In the afternoon I had my first Spanish course. With hindsight I can say that you should not let yourselves be impressed by minor teething troubles and the constant feeling of mixing up everything language-wise. You just have to start to speak – and it is really helpful to be constantly „surrounded“ by the language.

1-Verena3Before my work experience abroad started, I travelled to Salta and Jujuy for a few days – later on I took some more weekend-trips. There is so much to discover in Argentina and don’t get discouraged by the long distances – the cross-country buses are really great!!!

I did my work experience in an architecture-/interior design office in Córdoba – already on my first day I felt as if I had been working there for ages. The working atmosphere was very pleasant, I had very likeable colleagues and was completely integrated in the work process.

When it came to saying goodbye, I could hardly cotton up to the idea of going back to Germany. I postponed my return flight in order to stay a few days longer. And if there had not been a presentation and my diploma waiting for me at home, I would not have minded at all if these final few days had turned into months…

I returned to Germany with many unforgettable great memories – and with the certainty that I would return in a few months (after my diploma) for another year. There is still so much to discover and – above all – many people and things have grown so close to my heart in that short time.


Sandra has already studied in Argentina for one semester and she just didn’t want to leave South America. So she decided to do her practical semester in Argentina as well and completed an internship in Córdoba for five months.

P1080242I arrived in Córdoba in January. At this time, I had already studied five months in Mar del Plata, so that I didn’t attend the Spanish course which NICE offers. Although I already knew the “Argentine way of life” for some months, I noticed very soon that Córdoba is something special. The people are very nice, interested and open, the life was so easygoing. I felt at home after one week.

What makes Córdoba so special are the people, but also the city has its advantages. It is a big city, so that you don’t get bored. It is also a young city, because there are many students from all over Argentina who are visiting the University in Córdoba. And, what I like most, you just have to travel one hour by bus and you are in the Sierras, a beautiful area with nature, lakes and mountains.

P1080227The support of NICE before and during your stay is really great. It is just a small agency who actually is in Córdoba, so that you have personal contact. The people working there are committed to help you in every aspect. The internship itself was also good: My colleagues at work were very friendly and tried to make my time there as enjoyable as possible. The only negative thing I could mention is that in the beginning there wasn’t very much to do. But the friendliness of the people there made up for this, so that I didn’t feel the need to change company.

I can absolutely recommend NICE as an agency, not only by my own experience but also by what other people told me about their agencies. Córdoba as city is also a great choice because of the characteristics mentioned above. Right now, I am still in Córdoba and I can say that the time that is left seems much too short to me. I cannot imagine being back in Germany in a few weeks and I really would like to come back one day.

At the end of his cultural studies in Germany Helge came for a practical semester to Córdoba. A decisive reason for him was to get to know various working structures. Why is Argentina for him the perfect place for an internship abroad?

DSCN0844_listoI arrived in November, the Argentine early summer in Córdoba . Not only exchanging the North German rainy weather against the plain sun was a beautiful experience. But the friendliness, the concern and the open-mindedness of the Cordobese and their pleasant way of communicating made me aware that I had really just crossed the Atlantic.

During the first days, I started – aside from getting to know the city as well as my female flatmates – my three-week Spanish Intensive Course. The extraordinarily friendly and competent teacher could really get the Argentine Spanish across very well – I enjoyed the course so much and learned so well that I continued to take lessons during my internship time and even after having finished the internship (I stayed a whole year in Córdoba).

P1010442You can get along very well with the language, if you just swot up a little and most of all overcome your inhibitions to open your mouth and take the risk of making some mistakes now and then.

I did my eight-week internship in the field administration of cultural activities – in a work group consisting of members of a private Cordobese University and staff of a cultural centre. This work group evaluated cultural life in Córdoba and was preparing a Diplomado (a sort of advanced training course ) in the field of administration of cultural activities. My main task was to evaluate the data of Cultural Departments, cultural organisations and operators via telephone, to introduce them to our work and to invite them to participate in the Diplomado. You could describe it as a kind of network fostering. Doing that, the content was less of a challenge than the language: calling people a lot was a perfect language training and quickly eliminated my fears to make a fool of myself in Spanish. Over all, it was a lot of fun – last but not least due to my great colleagues.

P1010455_listoI can only describe the work and the offer of NICE as very positive and praise them for it: the contact is very friendly, prices are fair, there is a broad range to choose from: you have, be it concerning accommodation, the language school or the internship, the feeling that NICE staff is not just looking for any solution, but that quality is their first priority.

I can just recommend anyone still thinking about spending some time in South America to DO it. It will bring a lot of new impulses to your life.

I am very glad to have chosen Córdoba for my internship abroad and my semester abroad and I am positive that it hasn’t been my last stay in South America.

When Jana arrived in South America she couldn’t even speak one Spanish sentence. But it didn’t keep her from facing this challenge! After an eight-week Spanish course she completed an internship in a special school.

take 3 036_listoWithout any precise idea of country, people and language I set out for Argentina to stay there for 7 months, to learn Spanish, to work, travel and meet new people.

In the beginning it was difficult not to be able to understand a single word. At first, there is a lot to learn and little free time as a side effect. But that changes soon. Once the internship has started, you get to know lots of new people and for better or worse: you have to start speaking that new language all day long. Shortly after, you start dreaming in Spanish and will even write Spanish text messages with your new German friends. It is absolutely astonishing how quickly you can learn a new language on the spot where it is spoken.

The internships are, as far as I know, very different. I was working in some kind of special school and liked it a lot. I was involved in everything right from the beginning – and working with children and adolescents definitely never gets boring!

Those seven months were a wonderful experience for me. There is such an incredible lot to see and one spot is more beautiful than the other. The people are very friendly, patient and always willing to convey their knowledge of Argentine history, politics and culture. Flat mates and co-workers are especially helpful when it comes to finding new friends and making yourself feel at home on the other side of the globe.

en grupo_listo

Organizing an internship for Natalie was quite a challenge: She looked exclusively for a company that offers and works with „SAP HR“. After some weeks she received our internship offer and decided to come to Argentina for 6 months!

Anhang 4Where did you live in Argentina? For how long?
I lived half a year in Córdoba together with a very nice and lovely lady. We had a very familiar atmosphere. Although the lady was like a grandma for me, she left me freedom and the distance I wanted to have. An important aspect was that I knew that somebody would help me if I had a problem. Firstly, the people of NICE and secondly the “grandma”.

What did you do in Argentina? If you did an internship… In which company/organization?
I studied Spanish (before I did not speak a single word!!) and I did an internship in an international company for my studies in Germany. The company is specialized in consultation for SAP. I was the first intern of this company and I was totally involved. Moreover, they entrusted one part of a large project to me. They never treated me like an intern for half a year; I always felt like an employee. After a short time I could already take actively part in conversations during lunchtime!

What most impressed you when you first arrived?
What impressed me the most was the “cariño” of all the people in Córdoba. Everyone helps you and gives you the feeling of being happy that you have come to Córdoba – probably all the Germans say that… we cannot imagine this “cariño”! One of the 1000 arguments to visit Córdoba!
During my first months I noticed that I was really relaxed! The Argentines are slow in everything –sometimes too slow for a German structured person with a time table. But this had such a positive effect on me; I could totally enjoy my stay in Córdoba, despite of the stress concerning my studies sometime.

What was your favorite food?
Most people now would say:“Meat and Empanadas!” Since I don’t eat much meat, I say biscuits, Alfajores and Facturas…mhhhhmmmmm

What do you like most?
I liked the whole atmosphere in Argentina, the beaming people full of positive energy and happiness of life. For them, the social life is so important; they helped me to change my principles. The night life was amazing, too! Going out is so easy in Córdoba! You leave your home, take a taxi or walk and you are already there!
Also the Spanisch course with my teachers Iria and Romina influenced my life there.
I always had so much fun with both of them and I enjoyed taking classes! I arrived without speaking any Spanish word at Córdoba and very very fast I was able to talk to Argentine people, so highest praise for both of them!! In the beginning, I had to tell about my new experiences during the courses and that is the reason why I was so amazed, that they always could listen to me, could give me recommendations, and teached me in the perfect way. In the end, I left Córdoba with the level B2 and you have to keep in mind that I arrived with zero…

Anhang 9What was the most beautiful place you visited?
For me there is no “most beautiful place”. I tried to visit many different places:

West: National park, Salinas
East: Buenos Aires
South: Patagonia (I saw animals like whales and common seals)

I went to many cities of the province Córdoba, to the mountains and I saw a typical horse racing in the city of Córdoba!

What are the main differences that you found between life in your country and life in Argentina?
Argentina: The social life, lovely people, a free and flexible life, the passion and temperament.
Germany: The structure, the reliability, the stress, the planned life, security, the time schedules for busses

Anhang 25Would you recommend visit Argentina? Why?
I definitely would recommend visiting South America, especially Argentina!! It is such a different country in comparison to Europe, especially the beautiful and unique nature! You cannot describe it in a few words because everything that I’ve just written helped me to feel comfortable there, from the first day on! For me Argentina is my second home and family.
This is what I would like to recommend persons who are going to visit Argentina: In order to get to know the culture and the life of the locals you have to try to live completely in Argentina. This means that the moments with the Argentines are important. They invite you to every event and if you like and if you show interest! You won’t find hospitality like this in many places.
All in all, you have to open yourself for new things and accept the life and (missing) structure in Argentina. With this attitude you will fully enjoy, you will have positive energy and you will have an unforgettable time!!

Patrick studies in the frenchspeaking part of Switzerland. He is a typical client of „Personal Fit“ as his studies and university requirements are quite specific. We organized his internship in Mendoza, at a french-spanish speaking wine-producer. In this video you can meet him at his Spanish course he took to get prepared for the internship:

Philipp is studying Business Communication in Dortmund, and in his opinion young people should take the opportunity to acquire work experiences abroad and simultaneously get to know a new culture. Before he started with his internship in Argentina he attended a six-week Spanish course in the NICE Spanish school.

12-Philipp Internship-Spanish courses-ArgentinaMy time in Argentina was awesome.

I took a six-week Spanish Intensive Course. The course was well structured, I had no classmates and the concept of teaching in a classroom as one part and teaching on the street as the other part is excellent. When you are starting with a language there is no better way of learning!

Let’s talk about my “profes” Romina and Lucía: two very kind and able persons who taught me not only, what it means to speak Spanish, but also what it means to be in Argentina. Apart from all the hours we invested in improving my Spanish, my teachers tried to explain me, who the Argentines are and why they are like this. And they did a good job! I never had serious problems with the Argentine culture or people. Furthermore I can say that I found a lot of friends here in Argentina. Argentine friends, of course!

I made the experience that Argentina is taking the openness to another level. This openness is part of a culture I learned to love. Not everything is OK how it works in Argentina, or let’s say – not works. But there is one thing you can count on when you are coming to Argentina: if you start talking to the people, they will not let you stand alone! Overall you are welcomed with wide opened arms. Coming to South America was the best decision I’ve made for years!

Juliane is a metropolis lover and she felt more than comfortable in Buenos Aires. Besides her nine-week internship at a producer for consumer goods she used her free time to tour Argentina and to gain an insight into the South American culture.

14-Juliane Internship-Spanish courses-ArgentinaAt the beginning of my three-month stay in Argentina I had spent three weeks in Córdoba, the second largest city in the country. Despite the fact that I have already commanded considerable skills in the Spanish language, I had a few problems at first. I realized that it is quite another thing to speak a language in a course at university or to communicate within the language in the country itself. Already the greetings I was received by my host family was exceptionally warm and this attitude of warm-heartedness on the part of my host mum and her son did not change during the next weeks. My Spanish course was indeed an INTENSIVE course – after four hours of thinking, writing and –most of all– speaking in Spanish, I was really tired and my brain was stuffed. Then it felt good to take a stroll in the streets of Córdoba, to take a rest on a bench on Plaza San Martin regarding the cathedral or to have a Mate or a beer in one of the countless bars of this students’ city.

After three weeks I had settled comfortably in Córdoba and I already had to take my leave. The next two months I spent in Buenos Aires to do an internship in the marketing department of a shoe manufacturer.

My four flatmates with whom I shared an apartment in the city centre were all students and a lot of fun to be with. The 12-million city Buenos Aires was just the perfect thing for me as a metropolis-fan and I often found myself just wandering around through the streets admiring beautiful edifices in districts such as Palermo or San Telmo. In my spare time, I also got to see the very impressing Iguazu waterfalls in the North of the country and I also ferried across to Uruguay to visit the capital Montevideo with its very own charme. But what fascinated me most during my stay were the people who are friendly, open and cheerful despite their sometimes obvious poverty.

All together, I spent three wonderful months in South America which did not only influence my life’s path positively and brushed up my Spanish, but also brought great experiences on a personal basis.

Back home Camille is studying International Management. As part of her studies she came to Argentina for her practical semester to support our French clients in the NICE office. What she loved the most about Argentina- she will let you know:

17-camille internship-spanish courses-argentinaMy time in Argentina was amazing! I did not speak one word Spanish when I arrived, but really quickly, I made progress fast thanks to my Spanish Intensive Course and to my flat mate who was very nice and friendly. I got to know a beautiful country with great people, who are very friendly, hospitable and always there to help you. Besides, I had the opportunity to visit the region of Córdoba, where I had my internship, but also other regions and these moments will be unforgettable. I spent six months who are really special and now, I can say that I made friends there and I can’t wait to get back…

I can only advise to everybody to make an internship in Argentina, far from home and in a different culture, it’ll change you for good.

I did my internship in the company of NICE itself and I started a concept of marketing for the French-speaking countries. I worked on translations, research of French-speaking universities etc. I worked with colleagues who are very friendly and we had a good feeling right from the start. In general, I can only tell positive things, in every level!! I can only give you one advice: sign in, you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

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