Project Description

Vincent, 19 years, Spanish course and internship in Argentina.

Vincent decided to do a Spanish course and an internship in Latin America. To do so, he came to Argentina and really enjoyed his stay.

Vincent: Sprachkurs und Praktikum

My time with NICE in Argentina wasn’t really long but still the organization convinced me in every single way. The application process was really easy and everything went pretty smooth. After a short while, I got first offers regarding internship positions, language course and accommodation. NICE gave me some advice concerning the duration of the different stages but in the end you could decide on your own.

I decided to do an intensive language course which consisted of theory in the morning and practical training in the afternoon. I visited the course for six weeks. Although I had already learned Spanish at school, I wasn’t able to communicate in Spanish at the beginning of my journey at all. After the six weeks my Spanish already reached a level that allowed me to start my internship without any doubts.

Whilst my Spanish course was still going on, I had the possibility to spontaneously change my internship: Since I had to return home earlier I needed to switch to a short-term internship which NICE made possible at a Tour Operator. Here, the work was really interesting and it gave me the chance to apply the Spanish I just had learned.

The NICE support before and during my stay was sincere and organized. Of course, you take care of yourself most of the time which is how it should be, but if you have any questions or concerns the NICE team is always there to support you.

What I also really enjoyed was the community between the other NICE participants. Everyone is gentle and you get integrated into the group immediately. Together, we did many weekend trips and discovered Córdoba. Although you get to know many other people as well, the group is somehow a small temporary family in Argentina. I really enjoyed everything and would choose NICE again.

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