Project Description

Barbara, 21 years, 3 months internship abroad: Product-Marketing

Living and studying in Brussels, Barbara decided to take some time out from her busy life in Europe to do an internship in South America. For three months she worked as an intern in a company specialized in online education in Córdoba, Argentina.

Barbara_1 What do you like most in Argentina and what impressed you most when you first arrived?

I love the country’s diversity. There are glaciers, jungles and deserts. Also, in less than a 30 minutes drive outside the city, you can find yourself in the countryside of Argentina.
People here are really helpful. When you’re lost and ask for directions, they not only tell you where to go, they also walk with you until you’re there.
Even if Argentina is a huge country (especially compared to Belgium), it feels more like a community here. It’s less individual and more relaxed.

What is your favorite Argentine expression?

“De donde sos?” That’s the one sentence you hear 5 times a day, when they inevitably hear your foreign accent.

Anything you would recommend knowing before coming to Argentina?

While waiting for the bus, people already start queuing to determine the order in which they will get on the bus.

SONY DSC Would you recommend visiting Argentina? And finally, please resume your experience in one sentence.

Without a doubt! Argentina has a LOT to offer, to put it mildly.
Literally and figuratively far from what I am used to, but the Argentineans made it so easy for me to feel home in South America.

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