Buenos Aires in Argentina – The fascinating metropolis

Come to Buenos Aires in Argentina– the huge, energetic city that never seems to sleep! Discover passionate tango dances, music and nightlife, impressive historical sites, colonial architecture and a broad variety of scrumptious food.
Almost a third of the country’s population lives in Buenos Aires and the capital-surrounding area. It is the economic centre of Argentina and the majority of international and national companies reside in the area – just perfect because there are a lot of possible internships in Buenos Aires.
The porteños are very proud of their European backgrounds. And it’s true: The cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires in Argentina is a fine blend of Madrid’s late-night hours, Rome’s traffic, and Paris’ architecture.
To make it short: It simply offers everything a big city lover longs for but still keeps the charming Latin American vibe to itself.

Exactly what you are dreaming of? Start your internship or volunteer work and learn Spanish in Buenos Aires now!

Quick Facts

  • Population: 2,9 mio.

  • Average temperature:
    Nov-Apr 22,2° C / May-Oct 13,8° C

  • Characteristics: Cosmopolitan, International, High-in-contrast.

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