Category Fit: Your area-specific internship in South America

For your internship in South America just choose the preferred area(s), receive internship offers – and off you go to Argentina! With Category Fit you easily gain international work experience, discover South America and learn Spanish.
Here you will find our 12 most popular areas for your internship in South America. In any of those areas, we have a great number of cooperating Argentine companies. This way, we can send you several internship offers quickly and reliably – and you simply choose the internship you like best! Experience an unforgettable time in South America, while you gain valuable experience during your internship- and improve your Spanish in our language courses!

Aino's Internship in South America

The fast and easy way to your internship in South America

This placement program is area-specific which means that all internships are tailored to the corresponding area. It’s ideal for interns who are generally interested in and open to various types of businesses and activities within their desired areas. We will contact institutions who we know offer internships in your desired area. You can choose from the offers you have received the internship you like best.

If you are dreaming of an internship in South America and one or several of the internship areas make your heart beat faster, then you’ve come to the right place!

Your preferred area for an internship abroad

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Do you want to define precise specifications for your internship in South America? Our Personal Fit Program is what you need!

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Important information for your internship in South America

The Category Fit Programme is area specific which means that all internship offers are suited for your chosen area. We forward your application to companies within our pool which offer internships in your indicated area of interest. We then receive descriptions of the currently available internship positions and pass them on to you in the form of internship offers.

The Category Fit Programme also allows you to do an internship in Argentina which will be approved by your university.
Any typical university requirements for the acknowledgment of an obligatory internship abroad can be taken into account for the placement procedure. Typical requirements include, for instance, a sufficient duration of the internship, contracts between your university and the internship institution or the internship certificate. Simply send us the requirements along with your application and we will discuss them with the Argentine companies in advance.
If your internship abroad needs to fulfill highly specific requirements, Personal Fit is the right program for you.

The Category Fit Programme is ideal for interns, who are open for different kinds of institutions and activities within their area of interest:
An internship in the area of tourism, for instance, could be realized in an Argentine travel business, an agency or in a governmental institution.
If you opt for marketing, you could do your internship in the marketing department of an Argentine company, in an advertising agency, in a consulting company which focuses on marketing, in a media company and so on.
An internship in the area of social work is directed towards the different social groups in need in Argentina, for instance, the poor, children and young adults in emergency situations, the homeless, disabled people etc.

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