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NICE and You – The perfect match for an unforgettable
experience abroad

NICE (Network for Intercultural Experiences) is a German-Argentine Foundation, which dedicates itself to educational and cultural exchange. NICE Network organizes internships and volunteer programs, as well as Spanish courses for foreigners in Argentina who are seeking to discover Argentina and live in this South American country.

How everything started:
NICE was founded in 2004 in Germany and started operating in Argentina in 2005. Our focus is on organizing high-quality internships in Argentina. In 2007, we founded our NICE Spanish school in Córdoba and developed our own unique language program to help our students learn faster. Today this program is known for its excellent quality among our Spanish students.

Our Team:
Over time we have formed a multinational team sensitive to cultural diversity. Nevertheless, we were able to accompany hundreds of participants through the challenging process of integrating themselves into a new culture and understanding the foreign cultural codes. We have consulted both companies and local institutions in order to make the intercultural encounter during an internship or volunteer program the most beneficial for both sides – always generating a plus in intercultural competence. Over the past ten years, our NICE team has gained the trust and confidence of a broad variety of firms and institutions as well as governmental entities in Argentina.

You will see: Customer satisfaction is our top priority!
Since the start of NICE, our work has been characterized by the pursuit of customer satisfaction and personal dealings with them, as well as the passion to believe in what we do best: expanding the horizons of the world.

Are you looking for an authentic intercultural experience? With NICE, you will not only discover a new culture and learn a new language but also live a lifetime experience – knowing that your adventure is in good hands!

Our Location

NICE in Argentina
Mariano Moreno 189, PB A
5000 Córdoba, Argentina
+54 – (0)351 – 4076198
Opening hours:
M-F: 9 am – 5 pm (ARG)

NICE in Germany
Torstr. 20
10119 Berlin, Germany
+49 – (0)30 – 66406841
Opening hours:
M-F: 10 am – 5 pm (MEZ)


Curious about NICE? This is our team!

Claudia Trott

Co-Founder of NICE in 2004 – German – Lives in Berlin – Master in Business Administration at TU Dresden & in Sweden – Worked in Argentina for 6 years – Loves to do trekking in Patagonia.

Diego Marocchi

Co-Founder of NICE in 2004 – Argentine – Studied History – Started to work in Public Relations – Lived 3 years in Germany – Loves argentine folkloric dances & visiting the indigenous North of Argentina.

Paula Ávila

At NICE since july 2015 – Argentine – Proud mom – Studied History – Loves to read, travel and learn new things every day.

Rosario Pérez

At NICE since 2006 – Argentine – Studied at Faculty of Philosophy and Literature – Likes to teach about Hispanic culture – Her favorite place in Buenos Aires is Puerto Madero.

Romina Rauber

At NICE since October 2005 – Argentine – Studied Spanish Language and Literature – Developed the teaching material at NICE – Speaks Spanish, English, Italian, French and German – Loves reading and travelling.

Silvina Cifuentes

At NICE since November 2014 – Argentine – Studies Public Translator – Worked several years as an English teacher and now also as a Spanish teacher- Traveled to Europe in 2012.

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