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Great news: if you are dreaming of an internship abroad, your search is over!
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With more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of company contacts we find perfect internships abroad for everyone:

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Four programs for internships abroad

At NICE you have several programs for your internship to choose from. See for yourself, which suits you best:

Category Fit, Personal Fit, and Gap Year Projects are individual placements. Here, we introduce you to suitable companies and institutions in Argentina. All positive responses will be forwarded to you as individual internship offers.
You can also check out our Job Portal for suitable internship positions. If you are interested in one of the vacancies, we are glad to contact the company for you.

Personal Fit: Customized internship abroad

internship abroad with Personal Fit Within this highly individualized program, NICE fulfills even very specific requirements for your internship abroad. Here you can describe your preferred field of application in your own words and come into contact with more unusual institutions. You can even include complicated university requirements for a practical semester abroad in the search.

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Category Fit: 12 exciting areas for your internship

internship abroad with Category Fit Are you curious and open-minded? Then simply select one or more categories for your internship abroad and we will send you suitable internship offers in Argentina.  From these offers, you select your favourite internship position.  This way you will quickly find your top internship abroad in Argentina. 

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Gap Year Porgram: Internship abroad after high school

Internship abroad with Gap Year ProjectsIf you are a high school graduate and looking for an internship abroad in South America, then you are at the right place.  Whether it’s a pre-internship or an orientation internship – here you can choose between ten popular areas what suits you best.  All internship positions can be taken up without any prior knowledge and you will also have the possibility to learn Spanish on site.

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Job Portal: Vacant internship positions and Last-Minute

Internship abroad with Job Portal Last MinuteHere you can find internships you can apply for directly.
All internship vacancies marked as “Gap Year” can be taken up without any prior knowledge.
And if you want to leave immediately for South America, here you will also find our last minute internships abroad.

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8 good reasons for an internship abroad

Employers pay more and more attention to so-called additional qualifications and soft skills. With an internship in South America, you can prove your autonomy, international work experience, good foreign language skills and cultural flexibility. A decisive advantage over applicants who could not gain practical experience abroad.

You don’t know yet what you want to study – or in which areas you would like to specialize in? An internship in South America gives you the opportunity to test yourself and get to know a professional field. This way you will know with certainty that you enjoy your dream job in everyday practice.

Similar to language travel, staying abroad in South America, enables you to study Spanish in a short time, the second most common language in international business relationships. Dive into the South American world and learn Spanish the way it’s spoken in Argentina. No lengthy courses or homework! Learning Spanish by doing in your everyday and working life!

We work in an increasingly globalized business world. Especially internationally operating companies prefer applicants with intercultural competence and working experience abroad. This qualifies them for a successful employment in the international work environment.

If you don’t find employment right after graduation or want to take a break between your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, then you can add value to your CV with an internship abroad in South America: You will see that studying abroad is a popular topic in job interviews.

You already have a precise idea where you want to work in the future but you constantly read that professional experience is required? No worries, with an internship abroad you will gain valuable professional experience and industry knowledge opening the door for future applications.

One thing is for sure: A stay abroad in South America expands your horizons, lets you see how culturally influenced we are and makes you discover new sides on yourself! Therefore it’s not surprising that returnees say that they have become much more self-confident, independent and open to new things thanks to their internship abroad.

Travel around the world, discover a foreign country, meet new people, get to know and fall in love with the South American lifestyle. With an internship abroad in South America, you will not only gain work experience but also have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable, exciting and inspiring time you will like to remind.

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