Your accommodation in Argentina: Make yourself at home!

By living in an accommodation in Argentina with one of our local hosts, you get to know the Argentine lifestyle at close range. You meet a lot of new, open-minded people and actively take part in the typical sociable Argentine way of living. It’s a great way to dive into the culture and learning Spanish will get so much easier!

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Quick Facts Accommodation

  • Fully furnished rooms, incl. heater and internet, linen
  • Central location in safe districts
  • Reliable, warmhearted and culturally open minded hosts
  • Regularly controlled quality standard
  • Good connections to your internship or volunteer institution

  • Consideration of special needs (i.e. non-smoker, allergies)
  • Accommodations in every Argentine city or town
  • NICE Guarantee

  • Price: From € 80 per week

Check out what’s included in the price:


Your accommodation in Argentina: All you need to know!

Your room:
Each of our accommodations in an Argentine private household has its very own charm and style. The accommodations comply with our regularly controlled standard of quality. We arrange single rooms that are equipped in accordance with the Argentine furnishing style, incl. bed, desk, cupboard, linen, and heater.
Of course, you can also use the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the garden or patio.

Your district:
Our accommodation facilities are located in safe areas either directly in the city center or in an adjoining district. Local theatres, cinemas, restaurants, and bars are easily accessible. If you plan to do an internship or volunteer work, we pay special attention to the public transportation connections to your institution.

Your host:
All our hosts are reliable Argentines with a warm, hospitable character and a broad interest in the intercultural exchange. You either live with students, professionals, or simply Argentines who rent rooms. It is common that these types of accommodation mix at times, e.g. if a mother lives with two daughters who are university students or if a student is working in order to pay for his/her studies.

Your style of living:
No matter what type of host you are living with, you have the liberty to organize your day independently. In terms of meals, you can either cook on your own or you can prepare dinner with your flatmates. And if both parties agree, you can also individually arrange with your host(s) to join their meals, paying an allowance.

NICE Reception service is the most convenient way to start your stay in Argentina. You will meet our friendly staff right upon arrival and we will make sure that you feel at home from the first day on.

Your benefits from our reception service:

No language barriers:
We will assist you and help you with translations when meeting your host and your new flatmates for the first time!

Personal Assistance and City Map:
We provide you with a city map, answer all questions that might come up, give you valuable hints about the daily life in Argentina and show you the supermarkets, restaurants, and bus stops in your new neighborhood.

Moving around with our Bus Card:
With our leisure time guide, you will immediately find out about bars, clubs or flea markets. And to reach all these places easily we will provide you with a rechargeable Bus card for public transport.

How to book your accommodation:
Offering accommodation is one of our additional services for our Spanish courses, our internships or volunteer programs. In case you register for one of these services, you automatically have the opportunity to book your accommodation. To subscribe to an accommodation right away, just contact us and we will send you our starter package with info material and the inscription forms.

NICE guarantee: Feel comfortable or switch accommodations
We want you to make yourself at home in Argentina! During your first week in Córdoba, you can check if you feel comfortable with your accommodation and your host. If you prefer so, you can switch to a different accommodation.
Also, in any other city and at any moment of your stay, you can contact us if there is an important reason for switching your accommodation. However, this rarely ever happens: Our accommodations comply with our quality standards, our hosts have longstanding experiences with foreign housemates and moreover, Argentineans are very open and hospitable people!
In any case: If you need us, we are there for you!

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Accommodation in Argentina