Rosario – The harbour town of Argentina at the edge of the Paraná River

Rosario, the third biggest cities of Argentina, is situated between Buenos Aires and Córdoba – and right on the water’s edge of the river Río Paraná. This location has made Rosario not only an important industrial and commercial center but also a fascinating place to visit.
The city has 15 kilometers of beaches and recreation areas alongside the river. There, you will find numerous green parks, crowded pedestrian zones, marvelous bicycle paths and kayaking tour operators to do excursions to the islands on the Río Paraná.
At night, Rosario has a pulsating life, plenty of restobares (a fusion of a café and a bar) and clubs to offer. And if you prefer a cultural visit, the impressive Teatro El Circulo is already waiting for you!

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Quick Facts

  • Population: 1,2 mio
  • Average temperature:
    Nov-Apr 22,7°C / May-Oct 13,7°C
  • Characteristics: historical relevance, long beaches and recreation areas, vibrant nightlife
  • Official tourism website of the city
  • Rosario on Wikitravel

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