Salta in Argentina – The colonial city

Today, Salta is a mixture of tradition and modern style and has become a popular tourist destination: Historical colonial buildings, its natural scenery of valleys and surreal rock formations and a large number of outdoor activities make this city a special Argentine place-to-be.
Still, Salta keeps the small town feeling to its own. The salteños are laid-back people who are used to a slow and relaxed lifestyle and therefore easy to make friends with. The indigenous culture and its strong bonds to nature are still alive in this province. Numerous folkloristic songs that combine Spanish and indigenous rhythms praise the marvellous surroundings: mountains and valleys, rivers and forests.

Living in Salta or just visiting the region with its multi-coloured canyons, beautiful villages, artisanal craftwork markets and National Parks you will discover that Salta definitely deserves its nickname “la linda” (“the beautiful”).

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Quick Facts

  • Population: 536.000
  • Average temperature:
    Nov-Apr 20,2°C / May-Oct 15,1°C
  • Characteristics: traditional and folkloric, strong mixture of indigenous roots and colonial style, impressive landscapes
  • Official tourism website of the city
  • Salta on Wikitravel

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