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    About me

    What I like best:

    Personal Fit Internship Category Fit Internship

    Gap Year Project Volunteer Work

    This particular Vacancy

    Please, give me some advice. Below I’ll describe my needs and preferences.

    My Spanish level:

    I am interested in the following course:

    Intensive Course

    Intensive Course + Conversation

    Intensive Course + Tango

    Specific Spanish oder Business

    Specific Spanish + Conversation

    DELE Preparation

    Project Related Course in Buenos Aires

    In addition I would like to:

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    Our Location

    NICE in Argentina
    Luciano de Figueroa 545
    5008 Córdoba, Argentina
    Contact Number:
    +54 – (0)351 – 4076198
    Opening Hours:
    Mo-Fr: 9.00h – 17.00h (ARG)

    NICE in Germany
    Address :
    Torstr. 20
    10119 Berlin, Germany
    Contact Number:
    +49 – (0)30 – 66406841
    Opening Hours:
    Mo-Fr: 10.00h – 17.00h (MEZ)