Personal Fit: The internship program abroad for highly specific projects

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for an internship program in South America which exactly fits your interests and in addition, fulfils all requirements for a mandatory internship.

Within the Personal Fit Program, we organize internships in Argentina in almost all areas and suitable for your studies: Be it project management in the field of aeronautical engineering, research in a laboratory for Life Science or working in a law firm.

Combine your internship with a once in a lifetime experience abroad. You will not only gain deep insights into the South American culture but also learn  Spanish in a professional environment.

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Your way to a discipline-specific internship abroad

Personal Fit is the most specific of all our internship programs abroad: Here we can organize discipline-specific internships in all sectors and for all study programs. In your application, you simply describe in your own words in which areas you would like to do an internship, what kind of institutions you are considering and which departments you are interested in. Moreover, you can choose any city in Argentina for your internship.

In order to successfully fulfil all requirements for your internship abroad, we research very industry-specific for suitable companies in Argentina. We then contact them and forward your CV, your data (area of work, duration and start of the internship) and possible requirements for the acknowledgement of your internship abroad. The Argentine institutions consult internally whether they are able to integrate you meaningfully as an intern according to your wishes and requirements your internship has to fulfil. We will forward any positive response as individual internship offer!

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Personal Fit – Quick Facts
  • Customized internship abroad

  • Specific industries and subject areas

  • Recommended for mandatory internships and practical semesters

  • Only 4 – 8 weeks until you receive your first internship offer

  • All major cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta ,etc.

  • Start and duration individually eligible

  • Price: From € 640. More information

Check out what’s included in the price:

What’s included & FAQ

This program gives you the opportunity to gain international work experience in very specific areas. To be able to do so we contact a large number of Argentine companies and clarify all requirements and details with them. This way you will receive your first offer for your Personal Fit internship abroad within 8 weeks. In case you are in a hurry, you can pay the Express Fee. For a small additional charge, your placement will be given priority and you will receive your first internship offer within 4 weeks. More about the application process.

Our success rate for the Personal Fit internship program amounts to 95%. So there are very few applications for internships for which we can’t arrange a suitable internship. Those are applications that unite several complicated factors for a placement, including the following: highly specific area, hardly any previous technical knowledge, short internship period, little Spanish skills and without sufficient time to improve them by means of an intensive course in Argentina.
In these rare cases, the money-back guarantee applies: If we can’t provide a suitable internship, 100% of the initiation fee will be refunded.

Of course, we also support you in the organization and preparation of your practical semester or compulsory internship abroad. If the requirements defined by your university are uncommon or very complex, the only suitable program is, in fact, the Personal Fit program, as through this program, we can meet specific wishes.
If you are planning on doing an internship semester or an obligatory internship abroad, you should keep in mind the following:
As each university has its own guidelines regarding the acknowledgement of internships, you have the opportunity to discuss them with us in advance. You will then indicate the relevant criteria in your application form and they will be taken into account during the search process so that you will only receive offers that correspond to the guidelines.
Once you receive an internship offer that you like, you can present it to the internship coordinator of your university. You can wait to accept the offer until he/she confirms that the internship fulfils all the necessary criteria.
Processing obligatory internships often require framework contracts and training agreements between the university and the internship institution. You can forward any relating documents to us and we will make sure that the internship institution signs them so that you will get them back in time. More about the application process.

If you think of Argentina, you immediately think of Buenos Aires, the internationally known tango metropolis. However, the country has other exciting cities to offer. Therefore, with NICE you can do your internship in Córdoba, Mendoza or Salta as well. Within the Personal Fit program, an internship is possible in any other city in the country. As we frequently contact new institutions within this program, we have the possibility to adjust the search geographically. If, for instance, you have already been to Argentina for a student exchange, we would be happy to help you organize an internship in this exact city.

NICE neither prescribes a minimum nor a maximum duration for your internship abroad. For highly specific internships it is possible that the company in Argentina expects an extensive training period and therefore wishes for a minimum duration of, for instance, two or three months.
Internships with a very short duration are quite difficult to arrange in Argentina so we usually have to contact significantly more companies to get a positive response. Internships with a short duration can therefore only be realized within the Personal Fit Program.
Our tip: The longer the aspired internship is supposed to last, the more attractive is the applicant for the Argentine companies. In addition, you will gain more experience from your internship abroad: your tasks become more interesting, the more background knowledge you have. This applies, of course, to all internships abroad, be it in South America or in the USA, Australia, Canada, Asia, Europe or Africa …

Unlike in the US, England, Australia or New Zealand, you can rarely work in English in South America. Unfortunately, this also applies to the international operating companies in the country. Therefore, it is important for a discipline-specific internship that you have good Spanish skills and are able to express yourself appropriately.

If you have not completed a language course as part of your studies yet, you can do so before starting your internship abroad in Argentina. We offer many intensive courses to help you learn Spanish quickly and authentically.

Anyone who has already attended a course and comes to South America for the first time will notice one obvious thing on site: Listening comprehension and responding quickly to Spanish are difficult despite all the preparation.

That’s why we’ve developed courses that are focused on these key skills, giving both beginners and advanced learners a good start on site. At our conversation exercises you can put your newly acquired Spanish into practice while our academically trained teachers will teach you the peculiarities of the language that is actually being used. In our Business Spanish course, the teacher can individually address the topic of your internship and the necessary vocabulary.

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