Internship abroad: administration of an NGO (CBA-155.2) Last minute or gap year is possible!

Your tasks in the internship in the administration of an NGO in Córdoba will be: 1. Administration:

  • Invoicing, incoming and outgoing goods
  • Update the data of the beneficiary organisations
  • Telephone service and assignment of shifts for the beneficiary organizations
  • 2. Generating donations and resources:
  • Creation, improvement and corrections in the database
  • Contact the donors to specify the donations
  • 3. Communication:
  • Improvement of the database
  • Organization of events
  • Internal Communication
  • 4. Long-term projects:
  • Propose projects for national and international competitions
  • Structuring and carrying out the projects
  • Alliance with different organizations at a national and international level
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    Internship abroad: administration of a musical school (BA-73) Possible as a gap year!

    Your tasks during the internship in the administration of a musical school in Buenos Aires:

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Coordinate schedules for the events at year end
  • Enroll new students
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    Internship abroad: administration and finance (CBA-84.2)

    Your tasks during the internship in the area of administration and finance:

  • Preparing of the monthly accounts
  • Elaboration of economic reports regarding the fund with the help of the person in charge of the department
  • Archiving of administrative and accounting documents
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Account reconcilement
  • Telephone Services
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    Internship abroad in a marketing agency (CBA-148) Also possible as last minute!

    Your responsibilities in the internship in the marketing sector covers online commerce:

  • Monitor campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Create newsletter
  • Create and promote contents
  • Contact guest bloggers
  • Publish guest posts on other websites
  • Contact other companies in order to publish eBooks
  • Set up surveys
  • Learn and deepen knowledge about content marketing
  • During the whole internship the intern will be guided by a professional supervisor in that areas
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    Internship abroad in an international trading company (CBA-146)

    Your responsibilities in this internship in the international trading company cover the field of marketing and sales:

  • Assisting the international trade of products and services
  • Market research (search and contact to providers and prospective clients)
  • Development of databases of contacts and clients
  • Analysis of export and import information
  • Assistance in the development and the improvement of international sales documentation
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    Internship abroad in a Business Consultancy for NGOs (CBA-152.1) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

    Your responsibilities at the internship: Assistance in the areas of Communication and Fundraising (Direct Dialogue), Human Resources and Institutional strengthening through Public Relations and Formalisation of the NGO.

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    Internship abroad in a business consultancy for NGOs (CBA-152.2) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Assistance in the design of communication plans
  • Management of Social-Media
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Design of websites
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    Internship abroad in tourism and marketing (CBA-158) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Create new strategies and entrepreneurial activities
  • Market analysis
  • Project work in Research and Development of tourism products
  • Organisation of trips and tours to Iguazú, Mendoza, Patagonia and to the North
  • The intern will be introduced to the range of products and packages and learn about different methods how to coordinate journeys up to 50 persons
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    Internship abroad in a consulting company (SAL-2)

    During your internship you will be involved in the area of auditing. Your activities mainly include:

    • Examine financial statements: information on customers, planning the audit, verification of the internal controlling system
    • Inventory: bank reconciliations, verification of claims, stocktaking and valuation of tangible assets (depreciation), valuation of shares, analysis of the supplies to be complete, analysis of fiscal spending and debt, evaluation of liabilities, analysis of the causes of variations in shareholders' equity
    • Creating a conclusion and the accounts
    In this internship you will learn the practice of accounting and take over responsible tasks of the management consulting.
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