Internship abroad in a marketing agency (CBA-148) Also possible as last minute!

Your responsibilities in the internship in the marketing sector covers online commerce:

  • Monitor campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook
  • Create newsletter
  • Create and promote contents
  • Contact guest bloggers
  • Publish guest posts on other websites
  • Contact other companies in order to publish eBooks
  • Set up surveys
  • Learn and deepen knowledge about content marketing
  • During the whole internship the intern will be guided by a professional supervisor in that areas
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    Internship abroad in a business consultancy for NGOs (CBA-152.2) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Assistance in the design of communication plans
  • Management of Social-Media
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Design of websites
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    Internship abroad in tourism and marketing (CBA-158) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

  • Create new strategies and entrepreneurial activities
  • Market analysis
  • Project work in Research and Development of tourism products
  • Organisation of trips and tours to Iguazú, Mendoza, Patagonia and to the North
  • The intern will be introduced to the range of products and packages and learn about different methods how to coordinate journeys up to 50 persons
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    internship abroad at a language school (CBA-126) also possible as last minute!

    Your responsibilities in this internship:

  • Giving individual and group lessons for youth and adults
  • The courses are either Standard, Intensive or subject specific
  • You can teach the students a lot about the German culture and help them to improve their language skills
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    Internship abroad: online language school (CBA-91) Also possible as last minute or gap year!

    Your tasks:

    • research about competitors
    • writing manuals for products
    • follow-up and customer relationship
    • controlling and auditing of the language which is used to communicate with the target market
    • review of the already completed communication with clients
    • participation in the communication fields of the company
    • contact with potential customers in English
    • participation in the processing of the areas of digital marketing (Adwords - Facebook - Twitter - Email)
    • preparation of reports about the performances in the fields of digital marketing
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    Internship abroad in media planning (CBA-9)

    During your internship you will work in the Marketing department.

    • Marketing: Creation of notifications and product marketing activities for the business segment and the media in Argentina.
    • Design and management of online marketing campaigns for Latin America.
    • Contacting and presentation of media agencies of Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.
    • Participation in the marketing and distribution of products of the advertising industry.
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