Global biotechnological company that has more than 30 years of experience and is engaged in the worldwide supply of high-quality biopharmaceuticals. The company trusts in the robust structure of pharmaceutical proteins in various stages of development. By using innovative and cutting-edge technology, they research in the field of biotechnology and develop high quality products.

Research and Development

  • New biopharmaceuticals
  • Cell and molecular research
  • Development of various applications
  • Medical molecular development


  • Active substances
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Bacterial fermentations and mass of cells
The products of the institution are distributed worldwide and research findings are constantly documented and forwarded to governmental institutions.

The internship can be completed in two different areas: Medical production and/or development of genes (Cell and Molecular Biotechnology).

Quick Facts

  • Start: you can select the starting point yourself, the internship is available all year round.
  • Duration: min. 12 weeks, for longer or shorter periods, we will be happy to contact the company.
  • City: Buenos Aires
  • Reference code: BA-56
  • Price: Starting at € 350 (= € 100 Start Fee + € 250 Organisation Fee).
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  • Spanish: prior knowledge necessary. You can attent one of our NICE-courses on-site
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