The centre for economics and social sciences is specialized in the preparation and publication of studies on the economy of Argentina, the capital markets, and sectoral reports of Córdoba and central Argentina.

  • Implementation, promotion and support of studies and research on economic and social aspects that provide beneficial, relevant and useful information for decision-making in the public and private sectors
  • Transfer of knowledge, which enables a better understanding of the economical situation and at the same time, allows the evaluation of the framework of strategic planning on the side of the entrepreneur


  • Record of the Argentine economy: annual publication that deals with various thematic priorities in order to develop strategies for the sustainable development of Argentina
  • Index of local competitiveness: biannual publication of the regional economy as a guide for public policy and for the integration into the world economy to enable or to help in deciding on investments or development opportunities
    The Institute organizes lectures, congresses, presentations and events and in addition, it grants training scholarships.
Enterprises, institutions of the sector, investors and government agencies

Your activities at the internship in an economic research institute include:

  • Customer contact
  • Organize meetings
  • Carry out surveys
  • Analysis of the value chain: the identification and recording of the individual members
  • Identification of the major constraints of the companies in this sector and the development of proposals on how to improve the value chain

In this internship you can learn a lot about finance and gain a deep insight into the daily routine in the institution. You will learn a lot about the current economical situation, as well as the procedure of financial analyses.

Quick Facts

  • Start: You can select the starting point yourself. The institution is closed in January.
  • Duration: min. 8 weeks, for longer or shorter periods, we will be happy to contact the institution.
  • City: Córdoba
  • Reference code: CBA-138
  • Special feature:
    Also possible as last minute offer!
  • Price: Starting at € 250 (= € 100 Start Fee + € 150 Organisation Fee).
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  • Spanish: Prior knowledge necessary. You can attend one of our NICE-courses on-site
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