Public and private agency dedicated to the promotion of foreign trade policy and international integration, as well as the growth and training of companies from Córdoba / Argentina.

International relations:
Institutional and commercial link with Southeast Asia, international network RTPO, international relations of the Province of Córdoba, dissemination of business opportunities, assistance services and training in international tenders
Technical and commercial information:
Trading program “Intranacional”, front office service, technical support, Export Development Program (DIVERPYMEX), assistance with business opportunities
Sales Promotion:
Event coordination, strategic development for exports to Brazil, directory of export offers of the province of Córdoba, agency for administrative formalities in the formation of exporter groups.
All production sectors of the province of Córdoba with export opportunities and commercial connections with the rest of Argentina, as well as national and international institutions that promote international trade and globalization of the regional sectors.

In this internship in foreign trade you would participate in a project and contribute a lot to the success of the project. For this purpose, you will carry out research activities and document them. Likewise, you will analyze the regional production. Depending on the economic situation, the Institute will define additional tasks individually.
In this internship you can learn a lot about the foreign trade of Argentina, about international trade, and about the economic impact of the export of local products. Additionally, you would have the chance to expand your knowledge about national and international marketing.

Quick Facts

  • Start: You can select the starting point yourself. The institution is closed in January.
  • Duration: min. 8 weeks, for longer or shorter periods, we will be happy to contact the institution.
  • City: Córdoba
  • Reference code: CBA-63.1
  • Price: Starting at € 250 (= € 100 + € 150 Organisation Fee).
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  • Spanish: Prior knowledge necessary. You can attend one of our NICE-courses on-site
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