The community center in Córdoba is engaged in the care and prevention of malnutrition of children. The institution operates as a non-profit organization and supports the integral development of children and adolescents in Argentina.

Activities in the following areas:

  • Nutrition: discussions and assessment of cases, diagnosis, monitoring of diet and nutritional counseling, distribution of food packages
  • Psychological education: treatments and workshops to support the learning and development of a healthy life; Involvement of children, families and educational institutions
  • Speech-orthopedagogy: treatments and prevention of speech and hearing impairments, group and individual therapy
  • Social Work: Carrying out family discussions and analyses, monitoring of law enforcement and advice on infringement on rights
  • Dentistry: diagnosis, control and treatment, prevention and education
Needy families with children under 13 years (treatment, counseling, etc.)

Your tasks in this volunteering in the community center are:

  • Work alongside the professionals and support them in various sectors
  • Assistance in the activities and workshops which are organised by the professionals
  • Preparation of food for the children and assistance in the daily activities

Quick Facts

  • Start: you can select the starting point yourself, the institution is closed in January.
  • Duration: min. 12 weeks, for longer or shorter periods, we will be happy to contact the institution
  • City: Córdoba
  • Reference code: CBA-137.4
  • Special feature: Also possible as last minute offer! Suitable for school-leavers. No previous knowledge necessary!
  • Price: Starting at € 100 (= € 100 Start Fee + € 0 Organisation Fee).
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  • Spanish: Prior knowledge necessary. You can attend one of our NICE-courses on-site
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