The organization develops, organizes and manages various cultural activities and events in Argentina.

The facility cooperates with different authorities, institutions, sponsors and universities, as well as artists and cultural institutions. They organize concerts, courses, exhibitions and other events that support the educational part and the intercultural exchange.
The goal is that the projects reach as many people as possible with regard to age and cultural origin and to support the participation in public activities.

In your internship in cultural management you will be involved in the management of various projects that take place during the internship period. Your activities mainly include:

  • Participation in production, as well as in public relations
  • Preparation of schedules for the artists of the organization
  • Photo documentation of various projects
  • Participation in various events
  • Assisting in designing the website
  • Assistance in the development of a database for the institution
  • If necessary, translation of information material into English
  • Participate in creative and brainstorming meetings to define cultural events

Quick Facts

  • Start: You can select the starting point yourself. The institution is closed in January.
  • Duration: min. 12 weeks, for longer or shorter periods, we will be happy to contact the institution.
  • City: Córdoba
  • Reference code: CBA-104
  • Price: Starting at € 250 (= € 100 Start Fee + € 150 Organisation Fee).
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  • Spanish: Prior knowledge necessary. You can attend one of our NICE-courses on-site
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