NICE Promotion: Save money by choosing one of our “All-Inclusive-Packages”

If you are not only looking for an internship or volunteering, but also for a Spanish course and an accommodation organised by NICE, our packages are best option to save some money!
Once you have found a suitable package, you just have to indicate it in the registration form under “Other” – and we will give you the special conditions.
We mainly offer our packages for Buenos Aires and Córdoba.


Package 1: Social commitment

6 weeks in Córdoba

Promotion: social commitmentSpanish Course and Volunteering 
in Córdoba
1 week Spanish course*
+ 5 week volunteering
+ 6 weeks accommodation
= 1090 €
* prior Spanish skills required

Package 2: Internship Marketing

6 weeks in Buenos Aires

Promotion: MarketingSpanish Course and Marketing
in Buenos Aires
1 week Spanish Course Semi Intensive*
+ 6 week internship
+ 6 weeks accommodation
= 1510 €
* prior Spanish skills required

Package 3: Internship “Social Work”

12 weeks in Córdoba

Promotion: Social workSpanish Course and Internship
“Social Work”
in Córdoba
4 weeks Spanish Course
+ 8 week Internship
+ 12 weeks accommodation
= 1790 €

Package 4: Internship International Business Administration

14 weeks in Córdoba

Promotion: Business AdministrationSpanish Course and Internship
International Business
in Córdoba
4 weeks Spanish Course
+ 10 week internship
+ 14 weeks accommodation
= 2440 €

• Any additional week of Spanish course Córdoba (incl. accommodation): 250 €
• Any additional week of internship Córdoba (incl. accommodation): 100 €
• Any additional week internship Buenos Aires (incl. accommodation): 145 €

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