The 10 best travel apps for your stay in Argentina

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp: The basic equipment of every smartphone user. Hard to believe but there actually exist more travel apps which might be quite useful to know about – especially during your internship or volunteer work project in South America. […]

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With our NICE interns to Iguazu! (Part 2)

It’s early in the morning when Christian and I wake up and are welcomed by bright sunshine. It’s warm outside and we have breakfast in the middle of a small front yard surrounded by exotic plants. Unfortunately, the plants and our sweet biscuits also attract bees, so we go back inside quickly. After breakfast we go straight to the bus terminal, because today we want to visit the Brazilian side of the “Cataratas del Iguazu”! At the small bus station a lot of tourists are already waiting for the bus to Brazil. […]

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With our NICE interns to Iguazu! (Part 1)

One of Christian’s last trips through South America takes him to Iguazu in Argentina and starts with a 22-hour bus ride and me as an ideal travel companion ;). Typical of Argentine bus travel: The all-around service: In front of each of us is a screen with a huge selection of films and music. Our seats can be folded back completely, and the food is quite good. The best is the drinks service – a good red wine for dinner and a whiskey at midnight. […]

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Roadtrip to Mendoza (Part 3) – To the thermal bath of Cacheuta

Today is the last day of our road trip and our destination is the thermal bath of Cacheuta. I’m the first one to wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning and to get started I put on some relaxed indie music. Soon after, the boys and Maike crawl out of their beds too. We have breakfast and prepare lunch boxes for later on. The thermal bath of […]

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Roadtrip to Mendoza (Part 2) – Let’s go to the Andes!

6:30 in our Airbnb in Mendoza: It’s time to get up. * yawn * Today will be a long day for us in the Andes… The boys are still sleeping in their beds when Maike and I get up and ready to go. But soon their alarm will ring as well and soon after we are all ready. We get a taxi to the airport to pick up our car. André talks to the lady at the counter, while Maike, Christian and I are still dozing on some seats of the arrival hall. We are [...]

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Roadtrip to Mendoza (Part 1)- Looking for the best wine in Argentina

Half past 9 in the evening in Córdoba: Maike, André, Christian and I can’t wait any longer! We are standing at the bus terminal and waiting for the bus to Mendoza. A short time later the bus arrives, we give up our luggage and get on the bus. We have dinner that isn’t too bad for fast food, and later on, we fall asleep during the movie. When I wake up, the rest of the group is already awake and a look out the window tells that we are not far from Mendoza. The barren [...]

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Northward – The short trip adventure of our intern Lena (Part 2)

Where are we now? – In Humahuaca at the colourful mountains! “Colourful mountains”, I think. Yes, but where? I am told that the sun rises behind the mountain which is why it’s only in the afternoon where you can see the full-colour splendour. Who wanted to see the sun rise again? I’m even too tired for “mimimi” and open the car door in full enthusiasm only to close it again. We started our short trip with 30 °, whereas now at 4000m altitude I feel like I am in the depths of Siberia. My motivation [...]

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Recipe for Chipás – Argentine snack for cheese lovers in South America

What are Chipás? Hard to believe, but true – in Argentina, people don’t only eat grilled meat! Another speciality next to the well-known asado are the Chipás (depending on the region and recipe also called Chipa or Pan de queso). These are buns made from manioc starch and a loooot of cheese. They are mainly eaten in the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes in northeastern Argentina. The delicious pastry is also relatively well known in Paraguay and Bolivia. Depending on the region and country, the ingredients in the recipe vary a bit and [...]

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Northward – The short trip adventure of our intern Lena (Part 1)

Car door open, close, open, close – open. Still forgetting a bag. Who has got so much luggage for a road trip? One last time Anne screams: “Everything in there?” and closes the trunk lid. Six of us sit in the chic Chevy and after only three minutes the smell of food spreads through the car. My salad has leaked and the best days of my green and therefore automatically healthy smoothie are unfortunately over too. All eyes are on me and Julian tells me to finally dump that disgusting stuff. I refuse – he’s [...]

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#NiceToKnow: Learn the language – and get to know people.

Vor einem längeren Auslandsaufenthalt, z.B. für ein Praktikum oder eine Freiwilligenarbeit, beschäftigt viele das Thema "Wie lerne ich am besten Leute kennen". Aber sicher muss keiner lang allein bleiben: Wir haben hier ein paar Ratschläge für euch, um im Ausland leicht mit neuen Leuten in Kontakt zu kommen [...]

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