NICE Support Programme: Internships abroad and volunteer services without mediation fee

Traveling, learning languages and experiencing new cultures: Nowadays, international experience is not only a matter of fact and does not only pay off in the later professional life. It is also a unique opportunity to surpass oneself. In order to promote intercultural exchange with Argentina, NICE has set up a support programme to organize volunteer projects and internships abroad without any mediation fee. […]

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Nice to Know: 10 Apps to make a real traveller’s life easier

Today our Smartphones are much more than phones. They are cameras, travel maps, time killers, city guides and memory keepers. All made possible by the internet and a million of apps that make our life abroad easier. The following 10 apps come in very handy whilst planning and realising your trip. […]

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NICE experiences: Léon’s stay in Córdoba, Argentina

Already since January Léon is in Córdoba to do an internship in the area of international trade.  Back home in the Netherlands he is studying International Business and he has chosen Argentina for his practical semester. Why he wanted to go to South America for his internship abroad? Here you can read about his experience and learn what he loves about living in Córdoba. […]

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Nice Tip: Visa

There is no visa required for tourists from most European countries, neither for Canadians or US-Americans. As a tourist, you are allowed to stay up to 90 days in the country. Leaving Argentina for one or more days (for example by doing a trip to a neighboring country) will give you the right to stay for another 90 days – since the day of your return to Argentina. This can be repeated as often as you want. […]

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Nice Tip: How to improve your travelling experience!

When going to a place you don’t know, it might be helpful to see what others have experienced or know about this place. Read Travellers reviews on websites and forums before booking hotels, guided tours or restaurants or even try to find a blogger who might be more into what’s new and what’s good in the city. Avoid lines and crowds by booking online, searching for sightseeing passes and Combo-Cards. The goal is to have fewer luggage. Plan it and take your time. This doesn’t mean you have to leave many things at home. It’s rather about, for example, mixing [...]

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