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Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp: The basic equipment of every smartphone user. Hard to believe but there actually exist more travel apps which might be quite useful to know about – especially during your internship or volunteer work project in South America.

1. Skyscanner

Let´s start at the beginning: To travel to Argentina you will have to get through a few hours flight, whether you like it or not. To not already spend a fortune on that, it is recommendable to take a look at the travel app Skyscanner. This app compares airfares of different providers and enables you to find the cheapest or the shortest flight. So all you have to do is to decide, depending on what is the most important thing for you.

2. FlightAware

After you have booked your flight, a helpful app to use is FlightAware. With this app you don´t need to download numerous travel apps of single airlines anymore since this app shows all your upcoming flights and possible delays. You can get all important information at a glance which is especially an efficient feature during a long flight with short transfer times.

3. PackPoint

The last and for many people nerve-racking step before the exciting adventure can begin is pretty obvious: Packing your suitcase! With the travel app PackPoint, the fear of forgetting anything important for your trip to South America, is gone forever. Simply enter your destination, the time period of your journey and your planned activities and PackPoint will automatically create a packing list according to your desires.

4. XE Currency

Having arrived in Argentina, you will notice that you won´t get far with your currency! The Argentine guys do have their own Argentine Pesos! To avoid difficult calculating, the app XE Currency is really recommendable. Simply write down a certain amount of money, et violá: Within a few seconds the app shows you the corresponding amount in the other currency!

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5. AroundMe

Everyone who ever went travelling knows that problem: A new country, a new city. So far, so good but how do I find restaurants, bars or other free time activities without searching for hours? Pretty easy! Just download the travel app AroundMe, activate your GPS and there you go!


An old classic amongst the travel apps? For sure: Google Maps! But as helpful as the app might be, for the ones who don´t have unlimited access to mobile data abroad, Google Maps is not quite effective. For all the jet-setters amongst you, I would therefore recommend MAPS.ME: Here, you also have the possibility to access the maps offline and through that spare accruing costs for the use of the internet.

7. Flush Toilet Finder

The name of this app is pretty much talking for itself and as trivial as it might sound at first, everyone of us has been in that awkward situation once: You are on the way and out of a sudden – how should it be different – you need to go to the toilette. Who doesn´t like to show up in a restaurant then in order to ask for a toilet, should definitely download Flush Toilet Finder. This travel app finds public toilettes within your surroundings which, under circumstances, might help avoiding one or the other embarrassing situation.

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8. Tourlina

Attention female travellers! You would like to visit the waterfalls in Iguazú or the impressive glacier in Patagonia during your internship or your volunteer work in Argentina but you don´t want to travel all alone? Then install Tourlina now and find your travelling companion! Tourlina is a travel app only for women which allows the user to get to know other travellers in the surrounding area. What are you waiting for? Find your travelbuddy and start your adventure!

9. Hostelworld

You would love to travel during your stay in South America but don´t want to spend an enormous amount of money for expensive hotels? Then you should take a look at the travel app Hostelworld. Hostels are the ideal alternative for overpriced hotels and offer the opportunity to meet new people fast and easy. Besides, the app offers the possibility to find out from which countries your flat mates are coming and gives you the chance to get in contact through the hostel-chat already before you arrive.

10. MyPostcard

MyPostcard is an app designed for the lazy ones. If you don´t want to search for a postcard first and then walk to the closest post office but still want to tell your loved ones at home about your experience in Argentina, MyPostcard is exactly the right amongst all the travel apps: Simply select your favorite picture from your smartphone, enter the address and the message you want to send, pay comfortable by using your mobile device and you already can send your friends and family your individual postcard.