Harbor of Colonia

After our days in the capital city Buenos Aires, on Saturday morning Arthur, Lu and I moved on with the ferry to Uruguay to the picturesque town Colonia

After a one hour journey with a ferry from Colonia Express  which wasn’t too bad even for our seasick friend Lu, we already arrived in Colonia. Colonia is a small historical town located directly at the sea and a popular destination amongst Argentines and Uruguayans. The contrast with Buenos Aires was extreme. The whole city was quiet and relaxed and we could hardly believe that the few cars that were on the streets stopped voluntarily to let us cross the street.

After lunch we were walking through the numerous alleys of the small town which somehow reminded me of the Italian aura. Afterwards we made a stop at the harbor and in the evening from a lighthouse we were watching the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. We finished off our day in a bar with Sangria and Cerveza.

                                      Streets of Colonia               Sunset in Colonia

Before heading back to Córdoba the next evening, we finished our eventful weekend with a relaxed day at the beach of Colonia. What a perfect last day!