With our NICE interns to Iguazu! (Part 2)

Cataratas del Iguazu

It’s early in the morning when Christian and I wake up and are welcomed by bright sunshine. It’s warm outside and we have breakfast in the middle of a small front yard surrounded by exotic plants. Unfortunately, the plants and our sweet biscuits also attract bees, so we go back inside quickly. After breakfast we go straight to the bus terminal, because today we want to visit the Brazilian side of the “Cataratas del Iguazu”! At the small bus station a lot of tourists are already waiting for the bus to Brazil. So we stand in line and wait. We stand around for about an hour in the blazing sun until finally a bus arrives. That’s what I call Argentine punctuality! Christian can’t wait to get into the air-conditioned bus, while I wrap myself up as if I was making a detour to the North Pole. You can really exaggerate it with the cooling!

We drive off, cross the border between Argentina and Brazil and collect stamps in our passport. After about an hour in the ice-cold bus, we get out and face the probably longest queue of mankind! We can hardly believe it ourselves, ask three times if we are really in the right line and stand in line again. It’s not like it is 40 ° C outside! We take it with Argentine serenity and wait three hours until we finally get on the next bus, which takes us directly to the waterfalls.

Cataratas del Iguazu

At the bus stop, we are surrounded by a herd of coati, who only want our food as we find out later. We free ourselves from them and get a glimpse of the “Cataratas del Iguazu” for the first time. What a beautiful view! The way to the “Boca del Diablo”, the great highlight of the waterfalls, always reveals the view of the Argentine side of the “Cataratas del Iguazu”! Beautiful! At the end of the tour, we reach a platform that has been built directly above the waterfalls. The water splashes us and bit by bit we fight our way through the crowd of tourists to the other end of the platform. It’s really worth it, because the view that awaits us here is truly unique! Hundreds of pictures later, we head back to Argentina on a bus and eat Mexican food. All in all, a very successful day!

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