10 Apps for Travel

Today our Smartphones are much more than phones. They are cameras, travel maps, time killers, city guides and memory keepers. All made possible by the internet and a million of apps that make our life abroad easier. The following 10 apps come in very handy whilst planning and realising your trip.

1. SeatGuru
What is the point of being able to choose your seat on a plane if you don’t know which ones are the best? This app makes your decision easier. It shows you seating plans for more than 700 types of aircrafts and indicates via colour code the most convenient and comfortable seats. Thus you can secure your five-star window seat with leg room, in a quite area, not too far or too close to the restrooms.
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2. My TSA
If you are uncertain whether or not you are allowed to bring distinctive items with you on board, like souvenirs from abroad or home-made yam against homesickness, you can check with this app by just typing the item in. They also have a guide with rules for passengers with special medical needs.
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3. Flight Aware
Flight Aware is a handy app if you are late for a flight or anticipating a tight connection. Enter your flight number and you can see exactly what stage your flight is in. You can also map out your walking route to the gate on a map of the terminal whilst rushing to the airport.
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4. Google Translate
It’s those situations where you’re standing in the midst of an argentine market and just don’t know how to tell the vendor about the llama souvenir you want to buy, or just can’t find the way to the next supermarket to buy yourself desayuno, where mobile translators come in handy. It does not have to be google translator since nowadays you can find a whole lot of alternatives on the market that even work without WiFi and save you a lot of space and weight in your luggage.
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5. Currency Converter
Currency Converters are your best friend if you don’t want to lose track of your travel expenses or simply want to know when an offer is really profitable. Most Currency Converters compare various currencies so you can easily use them in various countries to travel to. Make sure to choose one that updates regularly since the argentine peso changes weekly.
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Times for giant paper-maps is over. The traveler of today has at least one map on his smartphone. A lot of Apps work perfectly in outer countries as well, that given if they are not outdated. They often incorporate GPS and Navigation-features, so you can easily find your way to your travel destination – so you don´t get lost on your way to your way to the planned Asado at your newly found friend’s house!
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You don’t have mobile Data overseas and though have to depend on WiFi whenever you want to network yourself? WiFi Finder can help you in a lot of the bigger cities to find free WiFi-Hotspots quickly. A true life-saver for all Social Media addicts!
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8. Tripadvisor / Foursquare
You just arrived in a new city and want to know where to find the hip clubs, the tastiest restaurants, the most relaxing parks or must-see-highlights? Apart from the possibility to ask genuine argentine people for their opinion – which can help improve your spanish and most surely will earn you a few interested questions – you can go the simple way and use social boards like Tripadvisor or Foursquare. Use the map-feature of those apps to search for interesting places close-by, or read other users’ experiences to really make the most out of your time in the city!
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9. Sleep Pillow (only available for Apple products)
Need a little help to fall asleep on a noisy bus, train, plane, in a hostel, hotel or on a train station’s floor? As an alternative to music this app offers a wide range of authentic sound effects like “rain on a tent”, “Train in the Distance” or “Soft Wind Chimes”. Makes you sleep like a baby!
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10. Skype
Most travelers and non-travelers know Skype by heart and already incorporated it to their everyday lifes. Skype sure is a lifesaver if you want to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. The app supports the same features as you know from the bigger version on your PC and it comes in handy whenever you don’t have your computer with you. You can call your friends via internet for free, start video sessions or simply use the chat function to write, whenever you find some relyable WiFi connection.
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