Car door open, close, open, close – open. Still forgetting a bag. Who has got so much luggage for a road trip? One last time Anne screams: “Everything in there?” and closes the trunk lid. Six of us sit in the chic Chevy and after only three minutes the smell of food spreads through the car. My salad has leaked and the best days of my green and therefore automatically healthy smoothie are unfortunately over too. All eyes are on me and Julian tells me to finally dump that disgusting stuff. I refuse – he’s crazy. We are on the long way to the north of Argentina. Nobody knows exactly Where we are going, well, except Hannes. Didn’t he say something about colourful mountains and alpacas? I’ll see that at the latest in twelve hours I think and stare stressed out the window. I’m sick, probably because of the smoothie, and I have to pee too.

After two hours of driving, Hannes remembers that he doesn’t want to be the first driver, but rather wants to drive at night. At the next gas station, we get off the high way and my bladder says thanks. Laura sits down at the driver’s seat. Wait … Laura. Driver’s seat. Is this the same woman who just asked me if the brake is left or right? Outside it’s getting dark and quieter in the car. Only in my interior, a storm rages. My concern about Laura’s driving style is replaced by pure panic caused by the Argentines driving style. Argentina, the land of the endless expanses. Four hours ago, as a naïve blonde, I was still gushing about the view. These widths are now fatal for us. Are the two points of light in the distance now ten kilometres or only a hundred meters away? Distances are now impossible to estimate and overtaking thus becomes an adrenaline rush. What a road trip!


At least the time flies and Anne sits at the wheel. The pointers move toward twelve while my eyes grow smaller and I can’t keep them open anymore. Almost, because at the same moment I hear Julian screaming from the passenger seat: Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!  Anne reacts and so the oncoming car just barely overtakes the truck and rushes past us. We are going to go on a road trip, she said … It’s going to be awesome … I’m sitting in the back seat, my eyes widened in shock. Sleep is no longer an option.


Almost an hour later we get off the highway again and get out of the car. Usual procedure: Trunk lid open, closed, open – still a sweater missing – close. Above us a starry sky, as you just can’t experience in the city. I rarely peed with such a beautiful view.

Everyone is tired now. It’s my turn to drive and Marie sits next to me on the driver’s seat and falls asleep shortly after. (Almost) without major incidents, I cruise along the Argentine road listening to techno beats – oh yeah. Everyone sleeps until I mistake a mailbox for a speed camera and slow down a bit. At this point, I realize that it may be time for another driver change. I show the almost empty tank as a reason to stop at the gas station and now Julian can play the chauffeur again. I can’t think anymore at that time. I fall asleep after three seconds and only wake up when we arrive.