learn the language
  • 1. Learn the language!
    Don’t you speak the local language? Then book a language course and get to know other travellers – and then you are ready for your first small talk with locals. This way your circle of friends becomes international and you can get to know the country well!

  • 2. Exchange your language!
    Language tandem is now available in almost every city in the world. You can easily find them on Facebook. Here in Argentina, you can meet Argentinians at language exchange meetings, like “Español y Cerveza” and “English&Mate” or even “Mundolingo”. There are a lot more organizations that offer this kind of exchange and at almost every university they will have a language department that supports such programs or even has a  language partnership program of their own. You will meet Argentinians who want to improve their language skills and exchange ideas with people from other countries.

  • 3. Take the plunge!
    Ever wanted to go climbing or dance tango? Well, then go ahead. It does not matter if you understand the teacher perfectly or not. Taking part is everything and at the same time, you get to know people who are just as enterprising as you are.

  • 4. Get some tips:
    Nobody knows their way around better than the locals. Just ask them! Furthermore, we from NICE will help you during your internship or your volunteer work, with valuable tips on where and when to go out and meet locals (if you want that). You can also book trips with other foreigners through our local partner agencies – if you do not feel like speaking Spanish all the time 😉